Sunday, 8 November 2009

Off Season Ramblings

Not a lot happening in my world of Triathlon at the moment but just thought I’d share some other ramblings in this life that is Lynne.

The week before the clocks went back had a strange experience with daylight, or more to be precise lack of it. Ran on the Saturday fine. Got up on the Monday pitch black. Decided to run anyway as was reasonably confident the route was street lit. About a mile in needed to turn off the main road and low and behold no street lights. Had one of those a million thoughts in a nano second experiences. Could turn back. No time to go further as would be late for work. Bite the bullet and take original route which is what I did. Then realised I was wearing black, had a tiny bit of reflective/ fluorescent but there was a children’s nursery about 200 yards along the lane and I was quite likely to get hit by a car. What could I do? Sprint? Yup, me sprinting and sshhhh I actually enjoyed it.

As you may know my house is literally about 100yards from Tesco car park. Consequently it would be pretty silly to shop anywhere else but really been getting fed up with spending close on £150 a week and having very little to show for it, plus ridiculously short shelf life on many products particularly salad stuff so last weekend we decided on drastic measures.

Headed off into town, which in fairness isn’t far. Bought 3 carrier bags of fruit and veg off the market for a tenner. Really chuffed.

Then off to Aldi. What an eye opener. OK no branded stuff but so much cheaper. I’m confident we saved at least £30.

Bought 2 head torches for £3.99 each. Mark laughed at me but guess what I found him using to change a light bulb? They had some great running gear too. Unfortunately none big enough for me.

I’ve picked up another cough/cold/chest infection. Cait’s observation not mine but Beechams All In One – why do you have to take 2?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


When I decided to “do” Offas’s Dyke I was discussing it with my younger brother, Alan, and he said that he’d always wanted to climb Snowdon. Obviously “ever ready” herself said “Well why don’t we?”

We very quickly hatched a plan that we’d all do it October half term. All being our parents, our other brother and his partner, Alan’s wife and all 6 of our kids.

Bearing in mind it’s virtually on our doorstep none of us have ever got close to climbing it.

My sister in law put her sensible head on and said it would be too much for the little ones. My big brother decided he couldn’t do it. My parents were having their loft insulated, my eldest nephew was in work, Cait was ill so yesterday that left me Alan, my son Jim and Alan’s son Haz.

I’d pulled off quite a bit of information from the internet. Del an old school friend suggested we do the PYG route, Phil a work colleague suggested we do the easier Llanberis route and Alan in his infinite wisdom decided we should do the Snowdon Ranger route.

I’d had an email from Sue a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d managed much training for my Snowdon trip. I must admit I was pretty dismissive after all it’s ONLY 3¾ miles. 3,046 feet of ascent – how wrong I was, I know I should ALWAYS take Sue’s advice.

The forecast for Snowdon over the weekend had been pretty bleak with gale force winds. Yesterday looked the best day but there were warnings of hill fog.

We decided on an early start and for once in my life it wasn’t my fault that it didn’t happen. It was however my fault on the navigation to the mountain. I haven’t quite mastered this sat nav system on this new iphone. Consequently we didn’t start the ascent until noon.

All the signs and all the info suggested it would take 3 hours up and 3 hours down.

Start at the Snowdon Ranger youth hostel beside Llyn Cwellyn about a mile and a half further along the A4085 from Rhyd Ddu. Cross the stile and follow the track of the Welsh Highland Railway until you can turn right onto the metalled track going up to Llwyn Onn Farm. Beyond the farm the trail climbs steep ground but is well graded on a series of long switch backs eventually reaching more level ground as it enters Cwm Clogwyn with Yr Wyddfa towering above. The path crosses a couple of streams and skirts round the edge of Llyn Ffynnon y Gwas before beginning another zig zag climb to gain Bwlch Cwmbrwynog, the ridge connecting Yr Wyddfa with Moel Cynnghorion (see route 8).
From the ridge there are tremendous views north across the Cwm of Brwynog to Llanberis and Lyn Padarn. Behind you to the south and west are the lakes of Cwellyn and Gader, the peaks of the Nantile Valley and the forests of Beddgelert. The path ascends the ridge passing above the brooding cliffs of Clogwyn Du’r Arddu, the forcing ground of a generation of talented rock climbers in the sixties and seventies. The cliffs rise above the small Llyn Du’r Arddu. On the other side of the ridge to your right you can see the three lakes of Cwm Clogwyn. With more zig zags the Snowdon Ranger ascends to meet the Snowdon Railway coming up along the north ridge. There is another finger stone marker here. Cross the line and follow it for the final 15 minutes and 350 feet to the summit.

By the time we got to the railway track I was totally out of breath and of the opinion we should turn back now with all that mist coming down. The views were stunning so we carried on. The path was narrow and quite wet underfoot as it did follow numerous streams. It soon became apparent that I was seriously slowing the boys down. I urged them to press on but they kept waiting for me.

As this was one of the easier routes I think I was expecting a stroll in the park. I was very wrong. The ballast was quite hard underfoot but was nothing compared to what was to come. We literally had to scramble up rocks, I’m not sure what the surface of the path became, rock or slate but I know it was loose and you had to watch your footing.

When we eventually could see the caf√© I was exhausted and it still seemed a very long way off. There were lots of people now making their decent, all urging us on and telling us it was worth it. One girl actually told me that she was crying on the way up but wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world.

At around 2:30,when the boys had waited for me yet again, Alan was of the opinion we should turn back to ensure we got back before dark. I asked the next group of people coming down how long it would take to get to the summit and as their reply was 20 to 30 minutes I made the executive decision that they should go on without me and I’d turn around when they met me on the way down.

I don’t know if it was the sight of the summit but I managed to get a spurt on and when they met me on the way down said I was so close I couldn’t possibly not make it. The last part was particularly difficult with what looked like concrete steps. I fell over a couple of times but eventually, on my hands and knees managed to reach the Pinnacle.

The feeling of euphoria is difficult to describe. The views were spectacular; the only dampener was the thought of a 3 hour climb down and the light beating us.

So off we trotted, literally. We jogged were we could. My confidence in my footholds grew with every step. I ended up on my bum on numerous occasions, dignity went out the door. We just needed to get down quickly. I hadn’t actually hurt on the way up but coming down my knees really felt it. About half way down my boots suddenly became too small as my toes tried to force themselves out through the front.

The thing is you’re halfway down a mountain and no matter how much it hurts there is no alternative you’ve got to get down the rest of the way.

Fortunately we were off the shale/rock/ballast and onto the stream paths by the time it got dark, and the dark did close in on us pretty quickly. It was no fun. We could see the road so knew we were pretty close but it was still quite a hair raising experience.

We got to the railway track and Alan offered to go and get the van to pick me up. There was no way I wasn’t going to complete. I ended up walking sideways as the pressure of my toes against my boots going forwards was extremely painful.

I had to be manhandled into the van as I couldn’t drag myself up the step.

It was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. I will definitely do it again. I’d like to do the other 9 routes. I thought I’d given it respect by being properly equipped. I hadn’t. It was pure stupidity coming down in the dark and I should have heeded Sue’s advice climbed some hills in preparation.

At the end of the day I’ve climbed Snowdon and I’m very proud of my achievement.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pathetic End To A Pathetic Season

“Never say. “Never again.” Say, “Not if I can help it.” Don’t make promises to yourself that you probably can’t keep. Because if there’s one thing worse than being let down by something or someone, it is being let down by yourself. So get into a position where that can’t happen. Set your heart on goals that truly inspire you. Reach for big dreams on the understanding that if you can’t catch them, you will forgive yourself and try again. Then start working on the assumption that the best is yet to come. You have not made a mistake you’ve a move that has yet to pay off. But you may yet be glad of it.” ~ Jonathan Cainer ~ Weekend Magazine 3 October 2009

Not felt too good since the last blog entry. Can’t say I’ve been ill but I’ve had the start of a cold that couldn’t make it’s mind up. I’ve trained but not wanting to make myself really ill for today’s 10k not as often or not as hard as I should have.

Woke up feeling totally awful yesterday. Headache, sore throat, sneezing for Britain, coughing for Wales and decided I’d have to bite the bullet and see if I could run. I did half of today’s 10k and felt much better after but, my ankle decided to swell. It’s the one that’s pinned and plated and for no apparent reason at weird and wonderful times it just swells. Thought about not doing and doing the Rhyl one instead in 3 weeks but then thought I might find an excuse for not doing that too.

Got up at 7 this morning to watch Ironman UK. Felt fine and then for no apparent reason threw up. Nerves probably.

Popped down to the Sport’s Centre to register which is literally a stones throw from home.

Went back home and nerves totally wiped me out and I don’t know why. I’ve run the distance. I know the route. I’m expecting to be last by a long way so what’s the problem?

Got back to the Sport’s Centre in plenty of time. Got to chat to lots of people who kept telling me I’d be fine (thanks Mr & Mrs Transition Ted). Saw a lad who I was in school with and I haven’t seen since we left (29 years ago) it was good to have a catch up. Had a nice little chat with my ex fianc√© and his wife whose daughter was doing it. Met Phil, my 60year old work colleague on the start line. Got chatting to a group of women who’d set themselves a 90 minute target with some serious walks up the inclines and began to feel much better.

The horn went and we were off. I always struggle till I get my second wind but it just didn’t happen. The crowds were fantastic. The marshals were amazing. I was clapped and cheered and encouraged but I felt awful. I could see the walking women in front of me. I was running and not making any impact.

The leaders overtook me before I was half way round the first lap, it started to rain, I saw my kids and decided then to call it a day.

I didn’t cry.

Today wasn’t my day. This hasn’t been my year.

School report – must do better next time.

PS There's always the Rhyl 10k in 3 weeks and a new Tri in Pwllheli on 21 November
PPS These are the BEST pics - I don't do mirrors and JMark and the kids have had major tellings off for letting me go out in t5hat state. I knew I was FAT but Not THAT fat!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

First Ever 10k

After Llanrwst I started working full time – a first since 2005. On the Friday night I stayed up until stupid o’clock, like a mother hen watching Matt Malloy home safe in the World's from The Gold Coast.

Sunday morning my alarm went at 5:15 and I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. I had pins and needles in my hands and feet, every bone in my body ached and I knew there was no way I’d make Bala for 6:45 to marshal. I reset the alarm for another hour banking on feeling better. It didn’t happen. I sent a text to one of the other girls marshalling for Wrecsam Tri with my apologies and slept soundly until 10:30 and felt fit as a fiddle. No explanations, no repercussions I have no idea why my body wouldn’t function but it wouldn’t.

This week I’ve pretty much stuck to the plan but was dreading this morning’s attempt at the 10k that I will race in 2 weeks time.

Legs felt like lead by the time I got to the end of our road and I started contemplating the cut backs. I intended to do this 10k last year and ended up doing the Fun Run with the kids instead. I’ve withdrawn from 2 of the 3 Tri’s I’ve entered this year and that’s when the “bloody well run Lynne” kicked in. I found 2 loops really difficult but by talking to myself and convincing myself I have run longer I did it. With a negative split to boot. (6 minutes slower than the person who was last in 2008)

Legs were a tad sore and I was extremely grateful I’d had the foresight to book an hour’s sports massage.

The thing is now I’ve run 10K, I’ve run this 10K and I will never not be able to do it again.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


There’s nothing like an event to motivate you even if you’re not competing.

I’ve been putting off increasing my run distance for no other reason than I’m a whimp. Saturday was a case of bite the bullet or I’d never be ready for the 10k.. Decided to do the 5 miler that used to kill me. Lots of options and excuses to cut back early. Once I started not finishing was not an option. It wasn’t easy but really can’t understand why I used to struggle.

Sunday was Llanrwst. I was on marshal duty on the railway crossing in the morning with a lovely Carneddau Tri Club member called Harri. We had such a good laugh and it was great to see the huge difference in speed and talent

It was a bit of a rush to T2 to time the finish from 11:15 onwards. I love marshalling but this has got to be my favourite task to date. It was extremely exciting to be able to shout so many familiar faces home.

Andy Campbell from Wrecsam Tri won overall with Adrian Leonard second. Rhian Roxburgh was third beating her husband Simon by a second.

I had a chat with the partner of one of the Wrecsam Tri guys. She’d done the Llyn Brennig 10 miler the day before. Her confession was the longest she’d ever run before was 10k and we both came to the conclusion the mind is often what holds us back, rather than the body.

I have always said I CAN’T do speed work. On Monday I tentatively dipped my toe in. OK I ran round the football pitch and added some quick goal lines with the touchline as recovery. For me that’s a big step in the right direction.

Discussing my Offa’s Dyke plans with my brother he said he’d always wanted to climb Snowdon. We’re doing it with the kids October half term.

Weight wise there was a whole week’s menus in the Slimming World magazine with a shopping list. I used it for my Tesco shop. Sticking religiously to their meals is not practical but having the healthy ingredients as staple store cupboard items has allowed me to plan much better. I was quite disappointed with only a 1 ½ pound loss but it’s a step in the right direction.

I felt rather proud and smug too when talking to so many people at Llanrwst who confessed they had yet to do an event. In a perverse kind of way I’m also quite proud that my “longest ever” course record remains intact.

Big, big thanks to Rhian, Simon & Emyr for a fabulous well organised event. Next year the aim is to comete and marshal. Look out Mrs Roxburgh you have competition

I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream...
Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:52 pm LynneE

Training is ticking over quite nicely thank you very much.

Not doing a lot, not sticking to the plan but I’m happy with 3 or 4 sessions a week.

Back in Slimming World. Not doing too well. I have honestly written down everything I’ve eaten and drunk over the last 2 ½ weeks. It makes very interesting (and highly unpleasant) reading.

Loving the new job. Start full time on Monday which means I’m going to have to be highly organised over shopping and meal planning which should help. Cait’s decided she wants to be a vegetarian which I haven’t got a problem with. I’ve found some great veggie ideas. It’s just a case of getting the balance right for Jim who’s a huge meat lover.

As some of you may know, when Daz posted his Offa’s Dyke thread, I offered logistical support for North Wales.

What did I know about Offa’s Dyke? Very little actually. There’s a pub about 8 miles from here called The Offa’s Dyke so I knew it must be about somewhere. The path is less than 5 miles away from my house I’m ashamed to say and it took Daz’s little jaunt to bring it to my attention.

I have no spacial awareness, no sense of direction and am completely crap at following a map/directions so made my husband come with me to find the rendez vous point. It was at the foot of Moel Fammau a “mountain” I’ve climbed hundreds of times from when I was a child but not so often recently. I was totally shocked when Mark said he’d never been there before. We’ve been together 7 years and he lived in Mold for 2 years before that.

My mission over the next 12 months is to “walk” the 177 miles of the Offa’s Dyke path. It’s too close and too beautiful not to. I have no illusions that it will be easy and I don’t want to say how many sessions it will take me. I have a great deal of research to do before I formulate a plan. Maybe I’ll wait until the spring before I go on my first walk but I will do it.

Good luck to everyone at the Vit this weekend.

I will be on marshal duty at Llanrwst on Sunday. Really looking forward to it and rather sad I’m not competing but… the night before last year I wasn’t competing either but I finished it – with the hangover from hell. Let’s hope good sense prevails this year.

Oh and I've just got to put this in here too - I'm so proud. Cait took to GCSE's early and got an A in both English and Science

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It's Been A While....

And where has the time gone and what have I done?

I’ve ticked over with my training.

Withdrew from the Deva Diva’s because wouldn’t have made any impact on last year’s performance. Withdrew from Llanrwst because it’s full and there are people desperate to do it so I’ve given my place to Epasce from Wrecsam Tri.

The problems with swallowing and chest pains got even worse. I was given a rapid referral for an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (a camera down my throat). Despite rational brain telling me it was nothing to worry about, overactive imagination had convinced me it was cancer of the oesophagus. My ex husband’s Dad died of this and my symptoms were remarkably similar plus researching it on this wonderful tinternet had me almost ordering my coffin. (Yup I know drama queen!)

The procedure itself wasn’t nearly as bad as expected (I did take Mrs Mash’s advice and have sedation.) They told me then and there that I had a massive hiatus hernia and a polyp in my stomach. Armed with super strength acid resistant esomeprazole and a leaflet advising losing weight, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, hot and spicy, fatty and fried food and eating late at night my symptoms are much improved.

I took the 3 kids down to Pembrokeshire last week. Pictures on Face Book Last year I struggled with a hilly loop. Despite putting on a good stone and a half I shocked myself by running it – not easily but not having to walk. I have retained quite a lot of my fitness.

Job wise I was invited to apply for a full time and permanent job in a different department. It was a really weird interview because I knew both the girls who interviewed me but it was a formal situation. As usual I talked too much and thought I’d blown it. They let me know last week I got the job. Can carry on part time until the kids go back to school in September. I am really chuffed that I won’t be looking for a job in November when the girl I’m covering comes back from maternity leave but I will be so sad to leave the crowd I work with now (I’m moving to Accounts Receivable – in the next room!)

As with everything Lynne related topsy turvy, upside down and back to front the training starts here. I want to run “The Borders” league which starts in October. I want to do The Village Bakery Half (February). I wish Bala Middle and Standard were the other way round. I need an Oly early season and the BIG plan is a HIM before the end of next season.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bala Middle 2009

Alarm goes off at 5:15. Can’t quite work out what day it is, where I am or why I’m so tired. Then the penny drops and I’m up like a lark. Forecast was good but it’s still difficult to know what to pack. So I wore a running vest with a T shirt over and my hi vis and took my Tri Talk cycling jersey, plus a hoodie, plus a fleece, plus waterproofs (have I ever mentioned I used to be a Girl Guide)

Absolutely glorious morning. Great roads over the moors and then the views of the mist over the fields. It’s as if the clouds have come down to kiss the earth and forgotten when to stop.

Arrived at the leisure centre and parked up. There was no one stopping cars coming in so I talked myself into that job then moved my car lakeside when the cavalry arrived.

Managed a quick chat to Doonhamer and then off to registration.

Was allocated body marking which is just about one of the best jobs. Never had so many blokes drop their trousers for me! (Transition Ted refused!). It was very interesting to see so many fantastic tattoos. It was also interesting to see so much scar tissue! KennyBoy introduced himself and then it was outside.

My absolute idol the amazing Rhian Roxborough asked “lil old me” to do her up. Exciting stuff.

Managed to see the first two waves off before assisting with the counting out of the swim which for me consisted of shouting well done’s and attempting to take pictures. Even though I knew a lot of competitors quite well it is difficult to recognise them in wetsuits with goggles and swimming hats. Rhian had a fantastic swim.

There was just time to grab a quick bite to eat (can highly recommend the pasta from the organic van) and then back to transition to shout the bike out. A bit eerie is transition without any bikes. We weren’t plagued by magpies this year but crows and a very nice family of ducks.

The first TriTalker back was poet. It was announced over the tannoy that he was in transition. I watched waiting to give the shout out. Couldn’t quite work out what he was doing but it included eating, drinking, stretching, kissing someone through the fence. I was gutted. I thought he’d had a DNF and then next thing he flies out like a rocket. Left me a bit speechless!

Rhian was back quick but with another lady hot on her heals.

Tim B comes in and I get my phone out. I’m a bit prone to pressing the button too late so this time I erm.. pressed it too early.

Transition Ted’s in and out pretty smartish then Reproman comes in and I’m screaming at him – tell you what matey you need to go to specsavers – they do hearing tests there now.

Lance my wonderful swim coach comes in and is suffering badly with cramp. I really thought he wasn’t going to start the run but he did.

Good to be able to hear the finishing results. Really disappointed that Rhian’s not first lady, then she’s not second either. Eventually she comes in 5th and has to be supported by Rocky through transition. She sustained the injury at 2 miles into the run and should have quit but in true Tri style didn’t.

Moved from transition to the run finish mostly to watch the finishers but ended up stopping pedestrians when runners were coming in.

Fabulous day. Fantastic effort by ALL who competed. Very nice to be thanked by so many. Highlight of the day was a hug off a lady who I stopped going onto the run with her helmet on.

I really want to do this next year.

Posted On Tri Talk Sunday 7 June

I'll be back
Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:30 pm LynneE

Looking at my last entry “things can’t get any worse?” Erm yup they can.

Not blogged because not done much. Mark’s been back and to, to Chesterfield. When he’s been away I couldn’t train (practicalities of looking after Morgan) and when he’s been home I didn’t want to train.

His Dad passed away on Friday. I decided I was giving up Triathlon as I can’t do the OW session this afternoon and I have no idea when Mark’s coming back so what’s the point?

I wrote probably the hardest letter I will ever have to write yesterday to his Mam. It was the kick up the @rse that I’ve needed. Mike, Mark’s Dad fought so hard against real obstacles, Parkinson’s a brain tumour and here’s pathetic old me giving up just because I’ve missed a few weeks training.

I may not be his blood relative but he taught me a lot – don’t know when but “I’ll be back”

And just in case anyone’s interested my tribute to a great man is on my Life of Lynne Blog. Michael Edward Evans 1.10.37-5.6.2009 Rest In Peace

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Just want to see if this works whole blog disappeared

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ups And Downs

Started the week really well and then…

Mark’s dad was taken ill so he had to hotfoot it to Chesterfield. My Mum and Dad agreed to look after Morgan for me to go to work but as I do my training early mornings it has been impossible to do anything.

On the way to my parents Friday night there was an almighty bang. I thought I’d been shot then that a tyre had blown bus realised as I was still driving it was something else. Just before I was about to pull over I noticed a chip in the windscreen about the size of a 50p. My Dad had a look at it and said “are you sure it wasn’t a pellet gun?” I mean how am I supposed to know? I took it for “repair” Saturday morning and the guys were quite shocked. Because it was the top drivers corner and because of the depth of the chip (which had now developed a foot long crack and can’t be repaired and has to be replaced) they thought it highly unlikely a stone from the road would have caused that kind of damage. They suspected that it was either a pellet gun or a stone had been deliberately thrown at me. Off I toddle to the police station and basically they didn’t want to know. They’d had no other reported incidents so there was nothing they could do. My point is, I went in to report this but they didn’t log it so it wasn’t reported. How am I or they to know that someone else hasn’t done the same?

Bought Morgan an electronic dartboard. Got home no darts.

Sunday was helping Jim with his online, maths, angles in parallel lines homework (you cannot imagine how hard I found it – you cant draw “Z” and “F” angles on screen and I ended up looking at them upside down!) anyway Morgan was playing in the bathroom (which is precisely 2 foot from Jim’s room) he’d decided to put the hand towel in the sink and turn on the tap – yup you guessed one flooded bathroom. Later on another flood in the bathroom this time from the toilet but we’re not sure how. We think perhaps the Andrex fairies had paid us a visit. They could also be the same fairies that had drawn all over Morgan’s face in bright orange marker pen!

Mark’s Dad’s still in hospital but he’s stable so Mark came home last night. Looking forward to a better week. It can’t get any worse can it?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Recovery, Two Sessions In A Day and A Freezing Lake

Well I said I was having a rest and I have for 2 weeks.

I think Saveloy and Sue’s suggestion not to do Chirk were probably right as whilst I was mega chuffed at having done it I really haven’t felt good for the last 2 weeks.

Some big positives to emerge though.

Contacted one of my massager’s other clients, Lance, who is an Ironman and asked him for some swim coaching. Met him last Saturday and after telling him that I was completely crap he asked me to swim. Apparently all my mechanics were there, they just needed some “tweaking.” First thing was such a fundamental pathetic error; keep my fingers together. Doh! Secondly he made me slow right down and breath every other stroke. This made a massive difference and made me about a million times faster. Really kicked myself that I hadn’t got in touch with him sooner.

Got out of the pool and my towel was missing. Checked my locker. Checked the side of the pool. Checked behind the desk. Nothing. Had all the pool attendants check all the lockers, all the cubicles, the toilets – nothing. Was offered one of the staff’s but I declines. I am a triathlete! It’s only like doing a T1!

Last Sunday’s planned bike was cancelled due to literally getting off the toilet and an almighty ping in the bottom of my back. Sitting, standing and lying I was in agony. Bending and stretching were my only relief.

Out on the bike this morning – decided to keep it short because firstly I was swimming this afternoon and secondly because it was cold and windy! (yup no hope for me!) Felt absolutely amazing. Only did 10 miles, only had to go to the little ring once and took 7 minutes off my PB.

This afternoon was the first of Chester Tri’s training days for the Diva Divas. I’d decided that I only wanted to swim as logistically with my 3 and a borrowed child in tow to do all 3 would have been impractical. We got there for the start and I couldn’t believe how many had turned up. Far more than last year. There’s an adventure trail on the site and we had a whale of a time. Jim and Cait were soaked, Morgan was plastered in mud but what the hell what are Sunday afternoons for.

Changed into my wetsuit and it felt a tad tight. Was ready for the off when Sal the race secretary suggested “next time it might be a good idea to wear 2 caps.” As an ex Girl Guide the “Be prepared” motto still sticks so I retrieved my spare from Cait. It was cold, very, very cold but in fairness I soon warmed up. As usual I stuck to the back but felt incredibly strong. I am never going to be a good swimmer but whilst my £35 Tesco wetsuit was adequate for last year when I did my “doggy” crawl of a fashion stroke today I felt the restriction on my shoulder as I crawled the whole course. We didn’t do the full 750m but I certainly felt fresh and held my own. Even more incentive to get into AndyS’s Orca for the next session on June 7th. Once again this was a fabulous event arranged by our very own Timmy and his Chester Tri team. Thanks guys.

Have decided to totally change my tactics and plans. The Diva Diva’s is my next race on 12 July. 750m open water swim 10mile bike with a tough hill at the beginning (not too tough I did get up it without getting off last year) and a 5k pancake flat out and back (twice) run on grass around the mere.

I’ve had problems with my back twice in the last month and whilst neither was a training injury I’m convinced that pushing myself to run longer is the cause. I want to go back to just running 40minutes and upping it by 10 minutes for the next 2 weeks then going back down to 40. Swimming, there’s another 2 open water training sessions, hopefully Lance will be able to give me a coached session every week and I’ll get another endurance session in every week. Bike wise I think is where I can make the most time. The old Mold sprint will give me the endurance plus the hill strength. The 10 miler I did this morning will give me an idea of pace and the Borders/Nercwys loop is short and hilly enough to run off to get my bricks in.

One very happy bunny!

And to cap it all.... Jims footie presentation yesterday and he got a well deserved player of the year

Monday, 27 April 2009

Chirk Sprint 2009

Had an awful swim and not entirely convinced I did 16 lengths. Faffed in T1 deciding whether or not to put a top on - did in the end and was glad. Felt incredibly strong and much more confident on the bike. Ran into and out of T2 but had the problem of not feeling my feet. I probably ran about half which I was disappointed with because I can run more difficult and longer routes. Guess the bike took more out of me than I thought.

Actually remembered to set my watch so was really pleased with 2:13

Then the results
Swim 13:58 (13:46 2008)
Bike 1:15:57 (1:15:01 2008)
Run 43:21 (48:25 2008)
Overall 2:13:16 (2:17:12)

Absolutely over the moon with the run time – 5 minutes in a sprint. Sue has got to take a lot of credit for this “encouraging” me to go long and hilly.

Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon timing the bike so got to see quite a lot and a good laugh – at least 3 with their helmets the wrong way.

Back a bit sore but not suffering anywhere near as much as last year. I really would have kicked myself if I hadn't done it.

Wanted to do the Deva Divas as my next event but not sure.

Will do Llanrwst.

Going to have a rest from TriTalk for a while – thanks to all for your support and encouragement. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

Posted Friday 24 April - The Best Laid Plans

So the plan? Rest on Wednesday fine.

That’s when it all goes a bit pear shaped.

Thursday could hardly get out of bed. Back was so sore. Not unduly worried. Seven days training on the bounce and going long would inevitably mean a bit of a seize up when I stopped. Friday was no better so booked a massage for Saturday.

Tracey worked her magic and diagnosed inflammation of the tendons, which I suspected. She suggested rest which really wasn’t a problem.

Mark phoned me in work on Monday panicking like mad Morgan had a temperature and was sleeping. Can tell it’s his first child and I probably would have been worried too had I not had the other two and realise how quick kids bounce back. My main concern when I got in from work was not that he had a raging temperature but that he wouldn’t drink.

Mark was relegated to the back bedroom and Morgan slept with me. He woke up several times screaming obviously having horrendous nightmares. Mark took him to the Doctors on Tuesday who diagnosed a throat infection but said if he hadn’t started drinking by 7pm he would have to be admitted to hospital and put on a drip. We managed to get him to sip half of his juice.

During the night he woofed down 3 beakers of milk and was right as nine pence Wednesday morning by which time I woke up with an awful sore throat and a really chesty cough. Mark decided the cure all would be a really hot curry which seemed to do the trick except yesterday morning it decided to depart my body really quickly and I was left with “the ring of fire.”

Can it get any worse? Yup.

Whilst I was glued to the loo get’s a call off my ex hubby to say that Cait had a really bad stomach and wasn’t going to school. Typical 15 year old girl me thinks. I was seriously allergic to double French. By lunch time he’d left me voicemail that she’d been to the doctors who’d referred her to the hospital and she was waiting to have a scan. The diagnosis was fluid around her ovary. No cause and no cure.

I have no idea if I will be on that starting line on Sunday. My back is still really sore. I can deal with that (tramodol and declofenac) It’s the throat and chest that are giving me concerns. If I don’t do it I’ll forever say “I wish I’d….” If I do it and struggle I’ll wish I hadn’t. I’ve got nothing to prove. I’ve done it before. I really want to do it. It’s a sprint for goodness sake. 2 hours of hard exercise are not going to kill me. Anyway the spray tan’s booked and I’m marshalling on the main gate from noon so good luck to all and don’t forget to say “Hi.”

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Well I've Never Been So Insulted In All My Life

Thanks to AndyS’ suggestion I might have a hiatus hernia and the dietary advice in the link I have been chest pain free since last weekend. I’m still going to get it checked out by the doctors but the symptoms matched mine exactly. To be pain free has not only given my energy an immense boost but increased my confidence to go longer and push harder. So yup there was a lot of love about but totally deserved.

Saturday – got to the pool at 7:30 to be greeted by my brother in law. We both did 1500m. He did it in half my time breast stroking. So I obviously asked him for some coaching.

“You’d be ok Lynne if your @rse didn’t stick up like a barrage balloon!” Amazing how quick you can go off someone? It was a very constructive session.

Sunday – repeated it half an hour earlier.

I’m so grateful to Cenzo for suggesting this. I don’t think I’ve ever swum that far and it’s certainly got me back in the pool loving my swimming. Still really carp at it but know what I need to do.

Monday – decided I’d better up the run mileage but wanted a flatter route as the Chester Half doesn’t have the hills that my longer sessions include. Once again I have no concept of terrain. Did a 3.5 mile out and back. It wasn’t hilly but was filled with undulations. Felt really good getting back into Mold and then it happened….

A car stopped for what I thought was directions. The woman wound down her window and shouted across the street

“Daahhhhhling you’d be much better power walking. My daughter’s bigger than you and the doctor’s told her not to JOG as it puts too much strain on the knees and she should power walk instead.”

I was absolutely flabbergasted.

“Thank you but this is the end of my 7 mile RUN and I intend to RUN a half marathon”

I ran off and as soon as I’d got round the corner literally cried out loud. How dare she imply that I was too fat to run? Then I got really angry. I told my Mum and her response was

“She was probably only trying to help. For goodness sake Lynne how many other 45 year old, 15 stone women do you see out running? How was she to know how far you’d run?”

Whatever her intention, she’s done me a favour. I am even more determined now to shift the weight.

Talking of weight.. I’ve put on 12lb and am now 15stone 12lb. I ditched the scales apart from the 1st of the month weigh in. Can’t blame Easter Eggs because I’m not keen on chocolate. Don’t know what to blame really? My jeans and work clothes are hanging off me. I’m definitely not as big but the scales don’t lie?

Yesterday did the Mold Sprint bike. Can’t believe how negative I felt.

“You’ll never do it Lynne, carrying all that weight.”

“This is the 7th day of hard exercise, you’re knackered, no way will you get up those hills.”

Strength and energy came from somewhere. Only had to get off once and that was to put my chain back on. Not sure what the greatest achievement was getting around or not throwing my rattle out of the pram and ringing hubby to rescue me.

Back in work today after a lovely break. Decided to make it a rest day. I haven’t got a half place after all – someone beat me to it. I’m not sorry. I managed the extra mile relatively easily on Monday but to get from 7 miles to a half in less than 5 weeks with a Sprint in the middle was asking too much me thinks.

Got an interval run schedules for tomorrow a brick for Friday a long(ish) run for Saturday and a long(ish) bike for Sunday and then should be tapering. Not sure I want to taper we’ll see.

Looks like I’ll be doing Chirk heavier than last year so no expectations, no targets, no pressure, pure pleasure (speed bumps coming back to the sports centre)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Back on Track

Posted Monday 6 April

On the training front absolute rubbish. Still got the pains in my chest – can’t get a Doctors appointment until 28th April. Took the “reflux” tablets I was given last August and they’ve completely wiped me out (anxiety, fatigue, drowsiness) Chirk could well be a DNS but… there’s the rest of the season to look forward to and I’m determined to do this 128 length swim this weekend.

Posted Friday 10 April

Just a quickie….

Decided sod it go for broke. I train with a HR monitor, there are houses about, there are people about, I’ve got my phone and I’ve got my dog tags. If I have a problem with my chest I’ll just holler for help.

Really couldn’t do anything up to Tuesday. The mind was willing but the body was weak so I gave in. (I really do know now when I can and can’t push). Wednesday was so energised. Just did the 5k to break myself in gently and was absolutely fine. Headwind didn’t help but really enjoyed.

Thursday took a couple of minutes off my hilly bike and decided to run off. Don’t know why but bricks always give me the giggles.

Late Friday afternoon got mail from my manager to say there’s a couple of Chester Half places up for grabs. So in a moment of madness I took one.

Intended to do “the Cenzo swim” today but checked with the pool last night and it’s closed today and Monday but open tomorrow and Sunday so will do tomorrow instead.

Ran the Borders today. Hills were hard but had plenty left in the tank at the end so chuffed and took a minute off. Really aching now though so I need that swim tomorrow.

Life is good. I’m focussed bring Chirk on.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Mind Games

“I am a weak, feeble, pathetic woman who is unworthy of success”

“I am a strong, confident, powerful woman capable of anything”

Just the two ideas floating around this week.

Had a bad start to the week. Nothing major just pains in my chest and sniffles so decided with Chirk so close I’d take it easy – well do nothing if I’m perfectly honest. Monday rolls into Tuesday and Wednesday and still nothing. By Thursday I’m going stir crazy so decided just to have a “little” run. Bearing in mind how awful I was last week I had little expectations. I flew.

Yesterday decided to do my normal 5k and took 4 minutes off last week’s time.

The biggie was today. Baring in mind I live in Mold I should really have done the old Mold sprint bike route. The problem is it’s let’s say a bit lumpy. I’ve done it once, I had to get off and push about 7 times, and I did take a detour up a virtual vertical ascent. I’ve set out to do it a few times and turned back. This morning, brilliant sunshine, wearing my new Tri-talk top had my determined head on so off I tootled. I lie to myself often but never more so than this morning. Just get to the 40mph sign and you can get off. OK just to the lights. Well you might as well push to the pub (husband said I’d NEVER get to the pub). Just to the lay by. A bit more to the 40mph sign. As if by magic I was by the second pub and just a bit further was the decent.

Woo hoo!

Then the words of a Wrecsam Tri guy took over. “The hill up to The Swan is the hardest part.” So that was it then. I’d done the hardest part so I couldn’t possibly have to get off so I didn’t. I was very tempted to take pictures. It was such a beautiful morning and it really is a very scenic route. I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t look at my watch either. It’s the same distance as Chirk but that’s where the similarities end.

It took an hour and 37 minutes, 5 minutes longer than the last person in 2005 and 2006. I really don’t care though. Not having to get off was the goal. Just goes to show Tri-talk tops help you climb hills.

So, 4 weeks today is Chirk and as I am now this strong, confident woman I will not abuse my body with alcohol, junk food and late nights. I deserve to give me at least a fighting chance of a big improvement from last year.

So what else has been going on?

Morgan managed not only to delete mine and Cait’s Mii’s but has lost internet access, a game Jim downloaded and reset everyone’s scores to zero on the Wii. Well you’d have sworn he’s committed the worst sin in the history of sinland. Jim wouldn’t speak to him for 3 days and Mark well and truly threw his dummy out of the pram and deleted his own Mii in protest. It’s a game for heaven’s sake!

So with the body training pretty much back on track I need to sort out what’s going on in this jumbled up mess of a mind as I’m pretty convinced this week’s improvement has been “Mind over Matter”

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Humour me on this one…please!

Swim - intransitive verb to move or propel yourself unsupported through water using natural means of propulsion such as legs, tails or fins.

Well I can do that! The fact that I haven’t this week is neither here nor there. I need this coaching and it’s very difficult to co-ordinate the coaches shifts with my kid’s arrangements. Getting a bit drastic. Think I might need a Plan B.

Bicycle – a vehicle with two wheels and a seat that is moved by pushing pedals with the feet, and steered by handlebars at the front wheel.

I can do that too. Had a fabulous ride out on Sunday. Only an hour. Great weather. Was about half an hour later going out than usual and the difference the volume of traffic was unbelievable. Did an out and back and was expecting an easy return but the wind had different ideas. Road felt a bit bumpy so felt maybe I should get my tyre pressure checked. Left the bike out for husband to do the doings and took the kids to watch the penultimate Borders race in Deeside. It’s a club road run series over the winter which I will do next year. Got home and husband was out and so was my bike. I was absolutely furious. As you do…. I hid it behind the shed and when husband returned he had the tongue lashing of his life. He still did my tyres. There was um… 25 (pounds per inch??!! ) Needless to say when they were fully inflated on Tuesday I flew up the hills and took a full 2 minutes off my PB.

Run – intransitive verb to move rapidly on foot so that both feet are momentarily off the ground in each step

Jog – intransitive verb to run at a slow steady pace

Shuffle –intransitive verb to walk slowly without picking up the feet

Walk – intransitive verb to move or travel on legs and feet, alternately putting one foot a comfortable distance in front of, or sometimes behind, the other, and usually proceeding at a moderate pace. When walking as opposed to running, one of the feet is always in contact with the ground, the one being put down as or before the other is lifted.

I’ve done lots of moving or travelling on legs and feet over the winter. I guess I’ve progressed from finding 20 minutes hard to doing 80 without much of a problem and still having a bit left in the tank.

On Monday I got to the end of the road and struggled. It’s only recently that I’ve got over this but I’ve known for ages that once I’d done 5 minutes or so I’d be fine, but Monday was different my legs felt like lead and I was back to the Darth Vader breathing. I did half an hour but didn’t feel good. I had a similar “runner’s block” problem last year and Transition Ted came to the rescue “Was it because I couldn’t run or couldn’t be @rsed to run?” Changed the route and duration and soon got over it. Hope that works this year.

It was really great to get out with Sue on Wednesday and yup I did the 5 miles or so, without walking but it took a good 70 minutes (I’ve done it in 60)

Yesterday I opted for the short 5k and it took me 43 minutes. I’ve done it in well under 40. The epiphany I had was though because it was sunny I could see my shadow and I became very aware that I am definitely not running. My pathetic effort would give jogging a bad name. Ok I’m not walking but shuffling doesn’t fit the description either. I’m PMSFFTAW (Propelling My Self Forward Faster Than A Walk.

Theoretically, I guess I should be mortified and depressed with this revelation. Its just made me more determined to reach for and achieve the Hilary Swank on the beach style (remember I said humour me!)

I had one of my wonderful massages yesterday. Whole back, shoulders, legs the lot. For me it’s not just a massage it’s a full therapy session as Tracey is not only a fantastic listener she makes me tell her the answers that I knew already but wasn’t prepared to admit to. She said my new trainers could be the running problem, knowing I’m going to get blisters and my feet will hurt may be making me subconsciously not be prepared to push. I’ll go back to my old ones tomorrow and could well be screaming for advice in the next day or two.

Had a school reunion on Friday. It was absolutely fantastic. Had a bit of vino (maybe that’s why I was pants yesterday?)

The battery’s gone in the scales and I think I’m going to leave it out.

Don’t know why but I have the need to share this info with you lovely people. My big kids have got friends who are sisters. They have literally all been friends since nursery. On Tuesday their Dad hung himself. I cannot imagine how bad things must have got for him to this. The devastation it has caused to two of the nicest kids I have ever met is unforgivable.

I’ve had a fantastic Mother’s day so far – Morgan made his first Mother’s Day card in playgroup. I bought a TT cycling top in the Planet X sale (a tenner – can you believe it?) which husband is paying for off Morgan and the big kids have bought me another top and Tri suit. Flowers and breakfast in bed.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Life I A Rollercoaster

Amazing really the things that can happen in 2 weeks?

The whole family caught a sickness bug and it spread like the falling dominos; one recovered the next one got it. I fortunately only lost a day’s training.

I actually managed an hours swim session. It was a great evaluation session as it highlighted how strength and stamina from other training has carried over but…. My technique is so poor I am really swimming inefficiently. As if by magic my friend’s sister’s partner is a personal trainer and swimming coach and she has agreed to give me lessons.

Ice curtailed a scheduled brick session so I ran instead and the following day, still too icy to ride I ended up doing a static bike gym session.

I went to see Snow Patrol in The Echo arena in Liverpool. They were absolutely awesome. I’d forgotten how fabulous live music really is and unbelievably I’d forgotten just how much I loved Snow Patrol.

So from the high of the buzz from the concert the rollercoaster that is Lynne’s life plunged to the very bottom.

This is not the place to go into detail. Let’s just say nobody died, the kids are fine but if you go snooping in your husband’s phone you have to deal with what you find.

I’ve completely wasted a week. Line drawn under it and move on.

6 weeks to Chirk. Light mornings, light nights, totally focussed and no distractions.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Power of a Positive Mind

The Power Of A Positive Mind
Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:34 pm LynneE

“I can succeed, I am motivated, I am getting healthier, I will reach my goals.”

Positive thinking. What a wonderful idea Mrs Slacko – thank you very much. You can have all the credit if you want Rach. What ever happened to me this week has been a long time in coming.

Monday – The normal 5k TT. With new trainers, less weight and renewed vim and vigour I really pushed but the time went up by 42 seconds. Not a major concern.

Tuesday – brick session. Decided to ride the Mold Borders. There’s 2 inclines which I can run up but have to get off the bike and push. Thought my thighs were going to explode but managed them both. Not run off the bike since Llanrwst. Kind of forgot how it felt. Don’t know why it always makes me collapse into helpless giggles.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Ran the whole of the killer hill up to Mynydd Isa and straight back down again.

Friday – Just couldn’t get out of bed for a 5:30 swim session

Saturday – Ran the whole killer hill up to Mynydd Isa circuit. 5 miles in 62 minutes. Before Christmas I had to do about 10 lamp post walks so mega chuffed.

This morning blasted the 10.5 miles on the bike No quicker but much easier. Yes I still need road miles but I remember now why you couldn’t get me off my bike last year.

So what else is happening?

Jury out over new trainers. Got blisters under both my arches. Got cramp in my toes. Read a post somewhere this week that Asics are narrow so that may have something to do with it but, definitely better support for my ankle.

Weight wise really chuffed. Jeans fell off when I was playing tennis on the Wii. Need a new diet for next week to stop getting bored.

Chester Half is full. I knew it filled quick but thought I’d got enough time. I’m still going to carry on going “long” on the off chance I can pick up an entry from somewhere and to be honest the longer I run, the more I enjoy it.

So again, apart from no swimming a really positive, according to plan jobbie. Don’t know what I can do. I can get up at 6:30 no problem. I just can’t get up at 5:30. Must try harder me thinks.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chirk 9 Weeks And Counting...

Chirk 9 Weeks And Counting....
Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:46 pm LynneE

I wrote last week’s blog but it was just too depressing to post. (I DIDN'T POST IT ON TRITALK I DID POST IT ON HERE!)

Basically I’d put ON 11lbs in a week and felt yuck.

With precisely 10 weeks to Chirk, with a very specific 10 week Olympic plan drawn up I was faced with the decision either to quit or to start again, stick to the plan and lose the weight. There is no way I am going to attempt another Tri at this weight. I intend to compete (only against myself). I want to take at least 30 minutes off last year’s pathetic attempt.

Monday – normal 5k run. I felt every ounce of the extra weight but came in average time. I’ve got 10 weeks to get 10 minutes off.

Tuesday – our electric was off (renewing the poles). With it being half term major panics – what do you do with 3 kids and no electric. Thde big kids thought they’d got it sussed charging the laptops. Then there was this simultaneous scream “Mum we’ve got no internet.” Doh! Who didn’t realise the wireless router was electric.

The answer was easy we went swimming. I wasn’t sure if we needed to pay for Morgan as he was 3. I was told no and then Cait was mortified when the cashier said “Just you and the BOYS.”

Had a really good time and ok it wasn’t a structured training session but did get a few lengths in and I had the benefit of “Coach” Cait and her constructive criticism. I breath unilaterally and basically drag my left arm. It’s going to take more than a splash around with the kids to correct it but at least I know what to work on.

Wednesday – working full time so couldn’t run with Sue so did the hill run early morning instead. Didn’t feel clever until I actually got to the hill. Got further up than I usually do and had to walk a lamp post but got my second wind an ran the rest of the way. Was cursing myself because I had to go to work and hadn’t got time to do the full loop but just carried on up the hill and did the full 2 miles and then turned back. Was really chuffed 49:30. Hip killed for the rest of the day but knees held up well.

Thursday was a scheduled rest day and Friday I just did some Core/Flexibility work (thanks BEEF).

Yesterday I was due to run long but my hip was still giving me jip but as the weather was too nice to waste out came the bike. Decided to take the undulating 10.5mile route easy expecting it to take about 40 minutes. I was mortified to clock nearly an hour. Had precisely 15 minutes to get in, shower and get to the gym to get my waxing done. Just proves the point I’ve got to get road miles under my belt. It should be light enough now to get an hour in before work.

Invested in new trainers to see if they’ll improve my hip. OK I confess. My last two pairs have been from JJB who assured me I was neutral. Today I went to our local sport’s shop. It’s not specialised running but the assistant seemed to know what he was talking about. He said I was overpronating and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Asics GT2140. I was really chuffed to have negotiated a £10 discount only to find them on for a further £10 cheaper. In fairness. The fit and support felt fantastic, especially around my ankle. It’s worth paying just for this advice.

Look forward to reporting a 10 minute improvement next week

And.... I've lost 9lb of the 11 I put on doing Rosemary Conley's Gi Jeans diet. Left me a bit bloated though so new plan for this week plus it's been 8 alcohol free days

So 9 weeks today is Chirk. No time for injury, illness, excuses, apathy, fatigue or failure. I will be there and I will be 2 stone lighter than last year.

Monday, 16 February 2009

10 Weeks And Counting

A pretty pathetic week in which I did no training and put ON 11lbs.

Had a massage on Saturday, something I should have done 3 weeks ago when I first injured my knee. The relief was incredible. No pain whatsoever – even up and down the stairs.

So 10 weeks until Chirk. Got myself a very nice 10 week Oly plan sorted. It’s basically shit or bust time. I have no leeway whatsoever for laziness, injury, apathy, illness or any other excuse.

I must stick to the plan. I must lose 3 stone end of.

I’m only competing against myself but I need a 10 minute swim a 50minute bike and a 30minute run. The target is 1:30 as opposed to 2:17 last year.

The plan’s a 6 day jobbie and it’s very doable. There’s no distances in it that I haven’t done before. It’s all about consistancy

Apart from training..

No alcohol. Early nights and 15 mins of core plus 15mins strength on my 6 training days.

I should have swum this morning I ran instead. A 5k Time Trial. It took me 40minutes. I have 10 weeks to take off 10 minutes. I really struggled. I am capable of running almost double this distance over a much harder route. The excess weight made a huge impact. Losing 3 stone will have an even bigger impact.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow Joke

Snow Joke
Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:57 pm LynneE

So I hurt my knee. So I rested. So my hip hurt. Without training my ankle swelled and I was back down that slippery slope of doing nothing. This was obviously compounded by the weather. I’d given myself a 2 week run lay off but I had intended to bike and swim but it just didn’t happen. No real excuses except that the roads were pretty bad.

Defining moments:-

I must paraphrase my husband’s

“ For flipping hecks sake Lynne will you get out and run and come back in a better mood?”

Morgan’s took the biscuit:-

“Have you got a baby in your tummy Mummy?”

“No Morgan, why?”

“Because Auntie Corrine (playgroup supervisor) has a big tummy and she’s got a baby in hers”

Well… come hell or high water I was getting out today. The forecast wasn’t too bad and I thought as long as we didn’t have a hard frost I’d be ok.. It had snowed overnight which was good as it had obviously warmed up and I could run on the fresh snow.

I thought it was impossible for anyone to run any slower than I usually did. I was wrong. I was just extremely grateful for whoever posted the thread for trail shoes for a tenner. They were just the job. Told Mark when I got back felt like I was running through treacle. His obvious response was “I wouldn’t know I’ve never run through treacle!” Doh!

Best thing about it? A snow plough lifted its bucket sp I didn’t get drenched. A fabulous red sun rise which had turned yellow by the time I got my camera out.

The worst thing? 200 yards from home a 4X4 dived for a lake of a puddle and I was dripping drenched

Mouldy Mold

Mouldy Mold
Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:57 pm LynneE

“If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” A saying we grew up with. “If you can’t blog anything nice don’t blog anything at all.” Is that the rules?

I am a firm believer of fate and things happening for a reason. I am very fond of quoting Paulo Coelho and the alchemist along the lines of when you’re close to achieving your goal the whole world conspires to help.

Monday I really needed to rest after 7 consecutive days.

Tuesday – had a massive argument with the duvet. It wasn’t particularly my body that was tired I just couldn’t wake up. Eventually I won and tootled off to the gym for what wasn’t one of my best cross trainer sessions but at least I did it.

Wednesday is where the conspiracy starts. Walking across the car park in work, slip and twist my knee. Don’t actually fall but it was a tad painful. I arrange to run with Sue on a Wednesday and have a tendency to wimp out. Determined not to this week I’m saved by the bell when Sue texts to say she’s not well.

Mrs Transition Ted has been threatening to do a Tri for longer than I have. As well as being one of the fittest women I know she has a steely determination and an evil competitive streak. Her running and bike beat mine hands down (like about twice as fast!) but, she’s struggled with her swimming. This week, not only did she tell me that she’d got down to my sprint times but Transition Ted posts a thread that she’s actually entered Mansfield.

So me, who hasn’t been near a pool since Llanrwyst thinks I better shift my backside.

Our local pool’s been shut for repairs since October and whilst the other nearest is only 2 miles or so up the road, 1. I’ve never been there and 2. When you’re used to a pool within spitting distance it does feel like a cross county trek.

So instead of my run with Sue off to the pool I pop. Have to ask 8 year olds how to use the lockers but hey ho. A general public no laned off session. No problems me thinks. Except that there are kids mucking about with floats and stuff. After I’ve got off my high horse (in a split nano second I’ll have you know!) I just deal with it. Set off very slowly (sssshhhh head up breaststroke!) Ok so time for a 25m split. Bearing in mind my 400m for both Chirk and Llanrwyst was 14minutes last year I was delighted with 36secs. Slight problem I was nearly physically sick. The lessons I had last year, whilst not a complete waste of time, should have been put to better use. I know what’s wrong (basically everything!) but in particular breathing. I need some serious coaching. Did 400m at the end and quite chuffed with under 12 mins with alternating crawl and breaststroke lengths.

Attempted a brick session in the gym on Thursday but had to curtail the run after 5 minutes as major problems with my knee.

Friday was a scheduled rest and as I anticipated running long Saturday and biking long on Sunday didn’t worry too much.

And Saturday was when the whole pack of cards came crashing down.

I have a book fetish. As many women can’t resist shoes and handbags I can’t resist books. I’m usually reading 3 at the same time, one on the coffee table, one in my handbag and one in the car, anyway none of them were inspiring me so I went in search of something a little lighter. I took a book off the bottom shelf of the bookcase in our bedroom and was horrified to find out is was mouldy. Things got considerably worse. The book case was completely ruined and the wall behind was growing penicillin. The whole weekend was spent cleaning (detol mould and mildew spray is amazing – as if by magic the black disappears before your very eyes!) finding new book cases (well why miss an opportunity and settle for one!) Whilst I was particularly piddled off at this turn of events it has forced me to sort what was on those shelves and the dressing table which has been suitably dispensed to the recycling park. Has anyone else got 40 odd VHS tapes with recordings off the telly? My argument was they haven’t been looked at in the 6 years that Mark and I have been together, we have no idea what’s on them (Ok I concede there was a Goodnight Mr Tom and A Carrie’s war which I’ve ordered from Amazon for a fiver each!)

Taught me another valuable lesson as I didn’t find humping books up the stairs particularly easy. The books weighed considerably less than the weight I’ve got to lose.

The Paul McKenna regime (careful here not a diet) is still ok track. Not losing pounds as fast as I would like but not gaining either. There’s still the Saturday sabotage which turned into Sunday sabotage as well oops! I think I’m losing inches rather than weight though. Jim said to me the other night “You know what Mum? Your boobs are now bigger than your belly” Backhanded? It’s a compliment in my books

Monday, 19 January 2009

Mojo For Sale!
Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:47 pm LynneE

Plenty to spare…. In fact I won’t sell it I’ll give it away!

Amazing really the difference a week makes and no logical explanations.

The “diet” that I’m not on is working a treat. Paul McKenna rocks. I’ve basically just cut out everything in between meals and reduced the portion size of my evening meal, I haven’t felt deprived. I honestly haven’t been hungry. It’s as if the importance of food has been put into perspective; eating to live rather than living to eat. I have listened to the CD twice. Once outside school waiting for the kids and the other time in the gym on the bike which was totally ludicrous. I do the visualisation exercises though and imagining myself slim and able to “do” is beneficial.

Well the plan was to do 6 tough training sessions this week. They haven’t been tough – so have I failed? I’ve done 7 training every day. Something I haven’t done in a long, long time, maybe never, if I’m totally honest. I’ve done 4 gym session, 2 on the bike, 1 on the treadmill and one on the cross trainer. I usually run with Sue on a Wednesday night. I have a wonderful habit of wimping out. I was absolutely determined to do my 6 sessions so told Sue I’d be doing it in the morning instead. I got up and it was really icy – I HAD to run. I’ve always struggled for the first 5 minutes. On Wednesday I pushed the pace and had been going for 10 minutes before I thought “Shit, I feel fine!” I even had to go the long way round and go round the block to make up the time.

Yesterday I ran the Mold Borders. There’s 2 lumpy bits. I actually ran up both hills but had to walk at the top of the first because the wind literally took my breath away. I always thought it was 5.6 miles and as I did it from home had always assumed I was getting 10k as near as damn it. It’s actually 5.3miles 8.5km, anyway, I took 4minutes off my time. This morning I got my bike out for the first time in months. I have no lights so practically the only time I can cycle is the weekend and it’s been either too icy or too windy for ages. As I struggled along I mentally wrote my blog. Gym miles is no substitute for road miles. I really must make more effort. Then I stopped beating myself up and came to the conclusion this is the 7th consecutive day of training and I’ve done very little over the past month or so. Of course I’m going to be tired. One thing that really concerned me though was I’ve lost my nerve on the downhills. In fairness it was quite windy and there was quite a lot of crap on the roads but I’ve still got to, as Sue would say, get out there and do.

On Thursday I got a mail from a friend giving me details of the Chester Half Marathon. It’s in May. Chirk’s the end of April, the Diva’s is in July so I think it will fit in very nicely thank you very much. It means I WILL do a half this year and won’t feel so bad about wimping out over Wrexham, next month.

I was discussing going to watch the 4 Villages and my manager overheard and piped up with “I’ve entered the Chester half.” It’s strange because she’s overweight (not as much as me) and hasn’t done any exercise for years. She’s having the midlife crisis I had 14 months ago. I’m so proud of her and amazed that she’s asking me for advice.

Sorry I didn’t get to watch this morning. Cait’s got tonsillitis, Jim’s suffering after having his brace tightened this week and Morgan’s got an eye infection.

Took Morgan to a Birthday Party in the local sports centre yesterday and asked when the pool would reopen. Not until the end of March, beginning of April. I really must find an alternative.

Plan for the week – rest day tomorrow and quality over quantity me thinks.
Paul McKenna Really Does Work...
Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:23 pm LynneE

Paul McKenna
1. Eat when you’re REALLY hungry
2. Eat what you really want
3. Eat consciously
4. Stop When You’re Full
5. Drink Water

Common sense really. Decided not to drink alcohol too. Had an absolutely fabulous week. Lost 6lb. full of energy. Really positive. Friday, after a bad day in work had 3 cans of cider. Saturday blew the whole thing and put back on the 6lbs.

Weather’s been a bit counter productive to training. Did 2 gym sessions in the week. Intended to run yesterday but too icy and Morgan woke early. Intended to ride today but too windy. Getting sick of my own excuses.

Before Christmas read the thread about a cyclist dropping dead and remaining unidentified for a couple of days. This had been playing on my mind for a while even before I read the thread. I do tend to leave a note for Mark before I go out, telling him where I’m going and how long I’ll be but, by the time I get to the end of the road I’ve often changed my mind. I always take my phone but, if you were involved in a horrible crash that would probably be smashed too? I ordered dog tags and silicone bands from My dog tags have my name and address on one and contact Mark with the home and his mobile number on the other. I hope they’ll never be needed but I feel safer wearing them. Cait’s just got her name on one and date of birth on the other. I’ve got a glow in the dark wristband with my own inspirational message on. Jim’s got his name on his. The dog tags were £4.50 and the wristbands £2.00. Well worth it I think. So the forecast for this week is rain. I like rain. I can cope with rain. So the plan for this week. Back on the Paul McKenna eating regime (it’s NOT a diet) and 6 very hard training sessions will allow me a day off next Sunday.
Mum's Not So Special Special Birthday
Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:17 pm LynneE

Lynne – thanks. I do like writing my blog. When I read back through it, it makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have such an amazing life A response I got to a reply on Mountaingirl’s blog and basically I like writing my blog and whilst pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong I too live a pretty amazing life.

On Saturday my Mum was 69. It’s not a significant birthday and whilst she’s not ill she’s not particularly well. My younger brother suggested lunch for the whole family today which was readily agreed. My idea of a lurcher was a curly greyhound. When we got our (rescue dog) years ago we were told that any working dog crossed with a greyhound whippet was a lurcher so Bud, a lab whippet x was a lurcher. My younger brother has an old spaniel – working dog and a whippet x collie x something = lurcher. My older brother has a curly greyhound = lurcher so elder brother decided Talacre sands should be the lurcher race track yesterday morning. Bud is a really bad traveller so we packed the car with binbags and newspapers. Before we got out of Mold he was shaking so violently he was withdrawn from the race. Tacacre has the Mick taken out of it so much. I’ve lived so close all my life and yesterday was only the second time I’ve ever been there. It is lovely. We had such fun. The dogs race. The owners race. The long jump. The who can get the most sand to stick to a football. Cait Jim & Morgan Cait winning the long jump Gelert the winning Lurcher Lunch was fantastic – a carvery but leads me to the other news.

Well I’ve got 5 and a half stone to lose I’ve pretty much tried everything and what jumped out at me doing my shopping in Tesco on Friday was Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin.” I don’t want to be thin thank you very much but I do want to be healthy. It’s so simple
1. Eat when you’re REALLY hungry
2. Eat What you really want
3. Eat consciously
4. Stop When You’re Full
5. Drink Water

So I have officially resigned from the clean plate club. (Yup I was indoctrinated with starving kids in Africa) I start today but have been practicing. It’s very difficult to concentrate specifically on what you’re eating. Meals around the table in our house are always filled with chat and banter. I had a bacon butty on Saturday – in front of the telly but not watching it. Concentrating on every mouthful and chewing really slowly it was the best bacon butty I’ve ever tasted. I had veg curry and a baked spud Saturday night. The texture of this meal mad it difficult to chew but I did appreciate the flavours more. Yesterday’s carvery I really struggled – to finish – in fact I didn’t which is a first and progress. There’s a lot of psychological stuff in the book that explain lots of my reasons for overeating. I’ve loaded the CD onto my phone which basically translated is my ipod. There’s a big thing about not weighing yourself for 2 weeks which I will find hard. There’s also a 90 day journal which is on the other blog. Feeling very, very positive and… pushed myself for a faster run this morning so well on track for improving Chirk time.