Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's not over 'til the Fat Lady sings

I read earlier Dame Tanni Grey Thompson retweet of a link to a blog. The “owner” refers to herself as a “fat” girl and then goes on to moan about the abuse she gets for being “fat,” particularly the derogatory shouts she gets whilst out running. She’s also making money by being “fat” by publishing a “fat” book.

Ok abuse is abuse and is not nice but are there different shades of abuse?

When I was much younger and much thinner I used to get the odd cat call off building sites. Abuse? Probably.

I am now the “fat bird” that runs and yes I do get yelled at. So what? It’s not nice. If it makes the yellers happy it certainly doesn’t upset me. I may be fat but can they run 10k? In a year’s time I won’t be fat but they’ll still be ignorant.

This particular blogger said it was like shouting abuse at the “disabled.” Well actually it’s not. Less able bodied are the way they are because of an illness or accident. Fat people are fat because they eat too much and or don’t exercise enough. I make no apologies for saying the genetic makeup or slow metabolism doesn’t wash with me any more.

I am fat because I have abused my body for years with excess food, excess alcohol and not enough exercise. I am now able to stop blaming derogatory comments, society, advertising, unrealistic body images and take responsibility myself. I am fat because of what I (not anybody else) chose to put in my mouth. There is nothing stopping me taking the healthy option. There is nothing stopping me stopping when I’m full not because I need to clear the plate because of all those starving African children my Mother reminded me of when I was a child.

I am truly sorry for anybody who lets derogatory comments get to them. I personally would much rather take pleasure from the encouragement and support I do get. I can absolutely guarantee that for every negative experience I get on my runs there are at least 10 “Well done.” “You’re doing great.” “Keep going girl.” To be perfectly honest to get called “girl” when I’m 50 is pleasure in itself.