Sunday, 29 March 2009

Mind Games

“I am a weak, feeble, pathetic woman who is unworthy of success”

“I am a strong, confident, powerful woman capable of anything”

Just the two ideas floating around this week.

Had a bad start to the week. Nothing major just pains in my chest and sniffles so decided with Chirk so close I’d take it easy – well do nothing if I’m perfectly honest. Monday rolls into Tuesday and Wednesday and still nothing. By Thursday I’m going stir crazy so decided just to have a “little” run. Bearing in mind how awful I was last week I had little expectations. I flew.

Yesterday decided to do my normal 5k and took 4 minutes off last week’s time.

The biggie was today. Baring in mind I live in Mold I should really have done the old Mold sprint bike route. The problem is it’s let’s say a bit lumpy. I’ve done it once, I had to get off and push about 7 times, and I did take a detour up a virtual vertical ascent. I’ve set out to do it a few times and turned back. This morning, brilliant sunshine, wearing my new Tri-talk top had my determined head on so off I tootled. I lie to myself often but never more so than this morning. Just get to the 40mph sign and you can get off. OK just to the lights. Well you might as well push to the pub (husband said I’d NEVER get to the pub). Just to the lay by. A bit more to the 40mph sign. As if by magic I was by the second pub and just a bit further was the decent.

Woo hoo!

Then the words of a Wrecsam Tri guy took over. “The hill up to The Swan is the hardest part.” So that was it then. I’d done the hardest part so I couldn’t possibly have to get off so I didn’t. I was very tempted to take pictures. It was such a beautiful morning and it really is a very scenic route. I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t look at my watch either. It’s the same distance as Chirk but that’s where the similarities end.

It took an hour and 37 minutes, 5 minutes longer than the last person in 2005 and 2006. I really don’t care though. Not having to get off was the goal. Just goes to show Tri-talk tops help you climb hills.

So, 4 weeks today is Chirk and as I am now this strong, confident woman I will not abuse my body with alcohol, junk food and late nights. I deserve to give me at least a fighting chance of a big improvement from last year.

So what else has been going on?

Morgan managed not only to delete mine and Cait’s Mii’s but has lost internet access, a game Jim downloaded and reset everyone’s scores to zero on the Wii. Well you’d have sworn he’s committed the worst sin in the history of sinland. Jim wouldn’t speak to him for 3 days and Mark well and truly threw his dummy out of the pram and deleted his own Mii in protest. It’s a game for heaven’s sake!

So with the body training pretty much back on track I need to sort out what’s going on in this jumbled up mess of a mind as I’m pretty convinced this week’s improvement has been “Mind over Matter”

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Humour me on this one…please!

Swim - intransitive verb to move or propel yourself unsupported through water using natural means of propulsion such as legs, tails or fins.

Well I can do that! The fact that I haven’t this week is neither here nor there. I need this coaching and it’s very difficult to co-ordinate the coaches shifts with my kid’s arrangements. Getting a bit drastic. Think I might need a Plan B.

Bicycle – a vehicle with two wheels and a seat that is moved by pushing pedals with the feet, and steered by handlebars at the front wheel.

I can do that too. Had a fabulous ride out on Sunday. Only an hour. Great weather. Was about half an hour later going out than usual and the difference the volume of traffic was unbelievable. Did an out and back and was expecting an easy return but the wind had different ideas. Road felt a bit bumpy so felt maybe I should get my tyre pressure checked. Left the bike out for husband to do the doings and took the kids to watch the penultimate Borders race in Deeside. It’s a club road run series over the winter which I will do next year. Got home and husband was out and so was my bike. I was absolutely furious. As you do…. I hid it behind the shed and when husband returned he had the tongue lashing of his life. He still did my tyres. There was um… 25 (pounds per inch??!! ) Needless to say when they were fully inflated on Tuesday I flew up the hills and took a full 2 minutes off my PB.

Run – intransitive verb to move rapidly on foot so that both feet are momentarily off the ground in each step

Jog – intransitive verb to run at a slow steady pace

Shuffle –intransitive verb to walk slowly without picking up the feet

Walk – intransitive verb to move or travel on legs and feet, alternately putting one foot a comfortable distance in front of, or sometimes behind, the other, and usually proceeding at a moderate pace. When walking as opposed to running, one of the feet is always in contact with the ground, the one being put down as or before the other is lifted.

I’ve done lots of moving or travelling on legs and feet over the winter. I guess I’ve progressed from finding 20 minutes hard to doing 80 without much of a problem and still having a bit left in the tank.

On Monday I got to the end of the road and struggled. It’s only recently that I’ve got over this but I’ve known for ages that once I’d done 5 minutes or so I’d be fine, but Monday was different my legs felt like lead and I was back to the Darth Vader breathing. I did half an hour but didn’t feel good. I had a similar “runner’s block” problem last year and Transition Ted came to the rescue “Was it because I couldn’t run or couldn’t be @rsed to run?” Changed the route and duration and soon got over it. Hope that works this year.

It was really great to get out with Sue on Wednesday and yup I did the 5 miles or so, without walking but it took a good 70 minutes (I’ve done it in 60)

Yesterday I opted for the short 5k and it took me 43 minutes. I’ve done it in well under 40. The epiphany I had was though because it was sunny I could see my shadow and I became very aware that I am definitely not running. My pathetic effort would give jogging a bad name. Ok I’m not walking but shuffling doesn’t fit the description either. I’m PMSFFTAW (Propelling My Self Forward Faster Than A Walk.

Theoretically, I guess I should be mortified and depressed with this revelation. Its just made me more determined to reach for and achieve the Hilary Swank on the beach style (remember I said humour me!)

I had one of my wonderful massages yesterday. Whole back, shoulders, legs the lot. For me it’s not just a massage it’s a full therapy session as Tracey is not only a fantastic listener she makes me tell her the answers that I knew already but wasn’t prepared to admit to. She said my new trainers could be the running problem, knowing I’m going to get blisters and my feet will hurt may be making me subconsciously not be prepared to push. I’ll go back to my old ones tomorrow and could well be screaming for advice in the next day or two.

Had a school reunion on Friday. It was absolutely fantastic. Had a bit of vino (maybe that’s why I was pants yesterday?)

The battery’s gone in the scales and I think I’m going to leave it out.

Don’t know why but I have the need to share this info with you lovely people. My big kids have got friends who are sisters. They have literally all been friends since nursery. On Tuesday their Dad hung himself. I cannot imagine how bad things must have got for him to this. The devastation it has caused to two of the nicest kids I have ever met is unforgivable.

I’ve had a fantastic Mother’s day so far – Morgan made his first Mother’s Day card in playgroup. I bought a TT cycling top in the Planet X sale (a tenner – can you believe it?) which husband is paying for off Morgan and the big kids have bought me another top and Tri suit. Flowers and breakfast in bed.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Life I A Rollercoaster

Amazing really the things that can happen in 2 weeks?

The whole family caught a sickness bug and it spread like the falling dominos; one recovered the next one got it. I fortunately only lost a day’s training.

I actually managed an hours swim session. It was a great evaluation session as it highlighted how strength and stamina from other training has carried over but…. My technique is so poor I am really swimming inefficiently. As if by magic my friend’s sister’s partner is a personal trainer and swimming coach and she has agreed to give me lessons.

Ice curtailed a scheduled brick session so I ran instead and the following day, still too icy to ride I ended up doing a static bike gym session.

I went to see Snow Patrol in The Echo arena in Liverpool. They were absolutely awesome. I’d forgotten how fabulous live music really is and unbelievably I’d forgotten just how much I loved Snow Patrol.

So from the high of the buzz from the concert the rollercoaster that is Lynne’s life plunged to the very bottom.

This is not the place to go into detail. Let’s just say nobody died, the kids are fine but if you go snooping in your husband’s phone you have to deal with what you find.

I’ve completely wasted a week. Line drawn under it and move on.

6 weeks to Chirk. Light mornings, light nights, totally focussed and no distractions.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Power of a Positive Mind

The Power Of A Positive Mind
Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:34 pm LynneE

“I can succeed, I am motivated, I am getting healthier, I will reach my goals.”

Positive thinking. What a wonderful idea Mrs Slacko – thank you very much. You can have all the credit if you want Rach. What ever happened to me this week has been a long time in coming.

Monday – The normal 5k TT. With new trainers, less weight and renewed vim and vigour I really pushed but the time went up by 42 seconds. Not a major concern.

Tuesday – brick session. Decided to ride the Mold Borders. There’s 2 inclines which I can run up but have to get off the bike and push. Thought my thighs were going to explode but managed them both. Not run off the bike since Llanrwst. Kind of forgot how it felt. Don’t know why it always makes me collapse into helpless giggles.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Ran the whole of the killer hill up to Mynydd Isa and straight back down again.

Friday – Just couldn’t get out of bed for a 5:30 swim session

Saturday – Ran the whole killer hill up to Mynydd Isa circuit. 5 miles in 62 minutes. Before Christmas I had to do about 10 lamp post walks so mega chuffed.

This morning blasted the 10.5 miles on the bike No quicker but much easier. Yes I still need road miles but I remember now why you couldn’t get me off my bike last year.

So what else is happening?

Jury out over new trainers. Got blisters under both my arches. Got cramp in my toes. Read a post somewhere this week that Asics are narrow so that may have something to do with it but, definitely better support for my ankle.

Weight wise really chuffed. Jeans fell off when I was playing tennis on the Wii. Need a new diet for next week to stop getting bored.

Chester Half is full. I knew it filled quick but thought I’d got enough time. I’m still going to carry on going “long” on the off chance I can pick up an entry from somewhere and to be honest the longer I run, the more I enjoy it.

So again, apart from no swimming a really positive, according to plan jobbie. Don’t know what I can do. I can get up at 6:30 no problem. I just can’t get up at 5:30. Must try harder me thinks.