Monday, 19 July 2010

Deva Divas 2010

WARNING:- Very long and very boring

Firstly this was only ever going to be a training event. Secondly I completed it in 2008. Thirdly Lynne stop making excuses and get on with it.

750m Open Water swim. I am a poor swimmer. I can swim crawl. I have a strong(ish) right arm but I drag my left arm. I swam the 750 distance (allegedly!) at one of the training events in June so I was confident of the distance. I was also confident I wouldn’t be last out of the water as there were about 20 behind me in the trining sessions. Had a really good pool based session last Monday where I swam solidly for an hour and the last half an hour crawl without a break. So the swim a great big tick.

16k bike – well lets be honest it’s short. There’s a hill that drags a bit close to the start. It caught me in a training event in 2008 but by race day I powered up it and passed many who were walking their bikes.

Run 5k on grass flat around the Mere – piece of cake.

The week building up I did very little. The ankle that I broke 5 years ago decided to swell. It’s not painful. There’s no reason for the swelling. I hadn’t intended to taper but to be on the safe side I did. I considered withdrawing but after the DNSs (this event being one of them) last year I’d vowed it wouldn’t happen this year.

Wet and windy was the forecast. I wasn’t concerned with the wet but the windy bothered me. I didn’t want to swallow half of the Mere if there were waves.

Race morning – the forecast was correct. I struggled to get the bike in the car (couldn’t remember which way around it went!). As per usual I packed the kitchen sink, even sunlasses, well you’ve got to look on the bright side.

Arrived in Manley at 7:30 with plenty of time. Off to registration. Number 22 and in wave 1 at 10am. The “goodie bag” was really good. A Tri girl pump bag/rucksack, a gorgeous grey and pink t shirt, an energy bar, a freddo the frog and a bottle of water.

Had a chat with the fantastic Sal the race secretary and Chris Morgan Chester Tri's Chairman. And said Hi to Dave the race referee who's such a sweetie.Ref.

Went back to the car to get my bike and transition kit. The transition marshal was fantastic. Every bike was checked and oh the shame I needed more air in my back tyre. He did tell me that my tyres were very good and needed 10lb of pressure for every 10kg of my body weight. Yeh mate there isn’t a tyre in the world that will take that kind of pressure.

It was still raining. I decided to leave everything in my transition box. I left my Tri Talk cycling jersey in the box. It might have been wet but it was still quite warm and the jury was still out as to what I’d wear for the bike leg.

It was at this point that I actually looked at the Mere and the buoys and was hit by blind panic. If that course was what I thought it was it was at least double what we’d done at the training event. As if by magic Colin the course putter outerer appeared and he confirmed my worst fears. Hey ho – the same for everyone.

Back off to the car to get my wetsuit. I couldn’t be bothered with any more back and forth to the car so put my wetsuit on at this point then stashed the car keys and my phone in the glove compartment. Changed my old trainers for flip flops and off to have a wander with far too much time on my hands. Met up with Carole and Sian from Wrecsam Tri but couldn’t find the lovely Debbie. This was her first Tri which she was doing for Breakthrough – Breast Cancer Research.

Decided I needed the loo which made me realise putting on my wetsuit was probably not one of my better ideas. Taking a wetsuit off in the constrains of a portaloo is not easy but with hindsight very funny.

9:45 soon came around and Colin did his legendary briefing. The man is a Superstar. It’s everything you need to know from a safety point of view but with so much humour it had us all relaxed. At this point Debbie turned up by my side looking cool as a cucumber. Colin had us doing the Diva Divas to the tune of the hokey kokey as awarm up and then it was time to kick off the flip flops, get in the Mere and wait for the air horn.

We were off. Getting across the mere is always the most difficult part for me. I felt strong, I swam well, no waves, no panic, no canoe by my side telling me I was doing well (a sure sign that you’re last) I looked back and I was last. Goggles filled up once but sorted them quickly and just kept plugging away. Was a bit hairy when the second wave caught up. Took a few biffs but still kept going. I even overtook someone from my wave. Towards the end got the swimming through treacle feeling and the buoys seemed to be moving further away but was too close then to not carry on. I tried to stand up and couldn’t. Absolute blind panic hit me. I could see Colin on the shore and hear his shouts of encouragement but I just couldn’t stand up. After 5 or 6 attempts I was so relieved and even the nausea and dizziness was put tto the back of my mind. I’d done it! I’d completed the swim.

I was so glad I hadn’t turned on my HRM. I knew my breathing was all over the shop. I’d got my wetsuit down to my waist and then my Fairy Godmother, in the guise of the transition marshal, who’d pumped my tyres earlier talked me down. Once my wetsuit was off the rest of the transition went according to plan. I was boiling so no cycling jersey. Ran to the mount line. I’m absolutely rubbish at getting on my bike and was terrified of falling off but I didn’t and the cheers and applause was fantastic.

Took me a while to get going but nobody overtook and confidence was growing with every turn of the wheel. Pretty soon that “hill” sneaked up on me. I changed down far too early and unclipped far to early (still so scarred of falling off) and knew I wasn’t going to make it but got off and walked. Was overtaken quite a lot at this point. By the time I got back on it was hammering down. The rain actually hurt my bare arms. At this stage it’s just a case of the faster I go the quicker I finish. The road surface was horrendous and obviously what goes up must come down but it was too slippery to get much benefit from the descents. Just before I got to the main road three ladies together overtook me and I then had the pleasure of an escort in the form of a lovely Chester Tri guy all the way home. He encouraged me to drink – like yeh I can take my hand off these handlebars – not. He helped me with gear changes and didn’t get very irate when I changed the wrong way. It was a lovely hand holding exercise. I’d been telling him I was scared of falling off at the finish because I couldn’t unclip and then there appeared an unmitigating disaster. A 4x4 parked and another coming in the opposite direction. I could see tarmac coming my way but as if my magic the parked moved off and yet another disaster was averted. My bike escort was quck to point out thet for someone who couldn’t unclip I’d unclipped pretty sharpishly then.

I’d resigned myself now that I wouldn’t be doing the run. I was too far behind. We came back in to the water sports centre and the cheering was phenomenal. I even stopped at the mount line and didn’t fall off.

My Fairy Godmother appeard again. I told him I was quitting. He asked me if I’d consider doing just one lap of the run? Saw Sian then who was coming up the finishing straight looking amazingly strong. I screamed encouragement and my Fairy Godmother said if you’ve got the energy to scream like that you’re not ready to quit. So trainers on water consumed and off I popped on the run. To see Debbie coming in to the finish line.

Didn’t take me very long to get my running legs. Because it’s out and back you get so much encouragement from the other competitors. I knew that they were all on their second lap and I was just starting my first. I don’t mind being last well not much anyway. I don’t even mind being last by a long way but I couldn’t bear the humiliation of being out there on my own for 20 minutes. Everyone was fantastic with their well dones and not far to gos but I knew I wouldn’t finish. I ran the whole of the out and back and sneaked into transition. I just cried. Well done’s coming from everywhere. No it’s not well done. I quit.

Sal appeared with her congratulations and just hugged me and let me cry she even offered to walk the last lap with me. It wasn’t about walking. If I’d have done the second lap I’d have run it. I quit not because I couldn’t do it but because I was ashamed. She said if she’d seen me quitting she would have forced me back out there. She was right.

Carole appeared and after explaining I’d quit she asked if I knew what time I’d finished? She told me to double my run time and then I’d know my race time.

I left transition to yet more well done’s even off people who knew I’d quit which kind of brought it home to me. I had done well. I’d started.

Sian met me at the transition exit and did exactly what I needed her to. Said absolutely nothing and took my transition box off me and walked me to the car.

I may have DNFs in the future but I’ll never have one because of these circumstances. If my body fails, fine but never because if what’s in my head.

The worst thing about it is I had provisional results today:-

Swim 38:30 exactly 10 minuted longer than last time. Bearing in mind it was a long 750, the problems I had getting out of the water and getting out of my wetsuit that wasn't bad.

Bike 1:01:39 a minute quicker than last time - taking into consideration walking up the hill and the atrocious weather - result

Run - there was no run time but I quit at 12:03 which I calculated to give me a 23 minute run. My T2 was 3:20 so I guess I'd have come in bang on my 42:04 from 2008

I may have DNFs in the future but I’ll never have one because of these circumstances. If my body fails, fine but never because if what’s in my head.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Deva Diva's Two Weeks and Counting

Such a long time…

Deva Diva’s two weeks today so how’s it going?

Swim – I swam the 750m race distance two weeks ago and was absolutely fine so one big tick there. I must swim more though and get some coaching. There’s a big difference to a shallow, warm, mere to Bala in September.

Run – it’s a pancake flat out and back (twice) grass run around the mere. I’ve been practicing on the football pitch across the road from our house. It’s soul destroyingly boring but I’ve got a big fat tick there too. I’m not losing sight of the bigger picture either, Conwy half in November and am getting long and hilly in too.

Bike – well tenacious as I am I gave up with toe clips and opted for SPD’s. With the words “you will fall off “ echoing in my ears was mighty chuffed to say the least to have got round my first attempt unscathed and quite frankly wondered what all the fuss was about. Turned into our street, unclipped, came to stop, realised my right foot had clipped back in. Wasn’t worried because we have railings I can grab, grabbed the railings and fell off spectacularly. Horrible cut to my knee and elbow. Second attempt, chain came off and I fell off in a far more elegant and sophisticated manor. Third attempt, got all the way round, couldn’t turn right into our road as there was a car right up my backside (yes I know I had right of way and should have anyway) so I carried on to the next junction. There was a bus stopped. There was a bus coming in the other direction. I dithered and fell off, in the middle of town. What made it worse was a really old man with a white stick came rushing to my rescue. All I could say was “I’ll be fine. I do it all the time.” I haven’t fallen off this week and shock, horrors I even overtook someone this morning.

Me – I’ve had the kick up the backside I’ve needed for a long time. My heart rate was spiking and I knew things weren’t what they should be. I had a severe bout of gastroenteritis. When I went to the doctors he booked me in to see the nurse for a full MOT and ECG. The ECG was fine but my blood pressure was high at 160 over 110. She told me in no uncertain terms I must lose weight. I went back 2 weeks later it was down slightly but I’d gained a kg. The results of my blood tests were back. Cholesterol, Thyroid, blood sugar were all fine but I have a fatty liver. Wake up call Lynne! I went back to Slimming World last Monday and have lost 5lbs so far this week. I’ve got to go back to see the nurse a week on Wednesday and if my blood pressure hasn’t dropped to under 90 for the bottom one I’ve got to take medication. I will take whatever I’m told to take but I really don’t want to and am determined to control it naturally.

Posted Sunday 16 May

Not a good start to the week felt “not right” The big kid’s Dad and his wife had a bug last week which made them take to their beds for 3 days. I was expecting the worse. Thursday had a grumbling tummy all day and alternated between hot and cold. Friday had the cold from hell. Morgan had an ear infection and needed antibiotics. Saturday I woke up feeling absolutely fine.

Came up with a cunning plan for these damn fire blasted pedals. I’m going to do my normal morning bike sessions and then throw in a couple of evening just getting my feet into the toe clips. If that doesn’t work I think I might just bite the bullet and head straight for cleats.

Had my first “proper” session on the new bike today (who incidentally is called Roger). Boy was it windy. I’m used to a triple and numbers telling me where I am gear wise. It’s a bit of a shock to the system just having red lines which remind me very much of a gone wrong pregnancy testing kit. Started off by my front wall and got both feet in the toes clips and pretty much blasted 10.5 miles. Took 10 minutes off my previous pb. Absolutely loved it. Felt incredibly comfortable on the hoods and even managed some nifty cornering.

This afternoon was the first open water training session in Manley Mere for the Deva Diva’s. Loads of ladies on Mountain Bikes –how superior did I feel? (Pride comes before a fall) Armed with two swim caps and my new aquasphere wetsuit with Ironman across the chest I was ready to take on the world. Amazingly it wasn’t that cold. Started at the back and within about 10m I was thinking “I can’t do this! Get me out of here! How the hell did I ever thing I’d be able to do Bala?” Fortunately good senses prevailed and I carried on. I finished near to the back but a long way from last.

I know today was only a training session but it’s as if the race mentality kicks in and I panic. This is something I’ve really got to get over. How? I’ve no idea.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fat Feet

I’ve done four training sessions this week. Pretty pathetic I know but probably the most I’ve done in a long while. The long run didn’t happen. The hilly run didn’t happen. The long bike didn’t happen and the hilly bike didn’t happen.

Had big problems either with my HR or my HR monitor this week. Started off running slowly with a HR of 210. Slowed it down , if that is at all possible, and then it dropped dramatically to 85. Didn’t feel too good running at all but finished my standard 5k route twice.

And now for the bike….

I can start from standing without a wall. I can stop. I can do roundabouts, traffic lights and change gear. Impressive?

I can still only do one toe clip.

Yesterday was getting mighty frustrated so toddled off to the gym for help. It was closed. Did a “U” turn and coming towards me was this mighty impressive cyclist . Having no shame I flagged him down. It turned out to be none other than Iain from the gym who I begged for tips. He demonstrated very nicely his very own clipping and unclipping of shoes and told me “to practice, and practice, and practice.”

So, bearing in mind the bike’s parked in the hall, when I come downstairs I practice, when I go upstairs I practice, when I come in I practice, when I go out I practice and then I had this epiphany. It’s not my fault. I couldn’t get my socks on at Chirk. I can’t get my feet into toe clips. It’s all to do with my fat feet! Anyone know if liposuction is available for toes?

First open water in Manley Mere next Sunday. 10 weeks to the Deva Diva’s. 17 weeks to Llanrwst, 18 weeks to Bala – will I have mastered my pedals by then?

New Bike Posted on Tri Talk Sunday 2 May

Ironic really, got to work on Monday and the Cycle to Work voucher was waiting for me. Had to wait until Saturday to cash it in.

Was really quiet in LBS Graham Weigh’s in Shotton. I’d been dealing with Keith but another guy grabbed me. I told him I’d got a voucher and could almost see him cringe. He took it off me and said “You’ve got £900 here. Come with me!” What a change of attitude.

In fairness both he and Keith were absolutely fantastic. They made me a cuppa and got me on the turbo.

Now bear in mind I know nothing about bikes but I trusted them implicitly because of their reputation and because I knew if they dealt me a bum steer they’d feel the wrath of FaST and Sue.

Had the saddle adjusted, the stem changed and oh the shame was shown how to pedal properly.

Went downstairs to sort out the voucher while the mechanics gave me a “;adies” saddle and I’ve never seen such a transformation in a shop There were absolutely loads of customers. It was quite an education watching all sorts from a couple who were buying his/hers because they were sick of vegetating, two or three others who’d bought under the Cycle to Work scheme, Mums and Dads buying kid’s bikes to the all singing all dancing foreign pair who dropped in for spares on the dogs doobries of bikes.

Mine duly arrived. Now I’d come to this arrangement with Keith that I’d have proper pedals and after a couple of weeks once I’d got used to it he’d swap them. It didn’t have proper pedals. I ummed and ahhed for about a minute and then decided I’d take it as it was. I’d have to get used to them at some stage and sooner rather than later was my philosophy.

I was dying to give it a go but 5 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon just wasn’t a good idea.

Normally I go out first thing in the morning and am back before anyone’s up. Bearing in mind Mark give’s me no support whatsoever over anything to do with Triathlon, he got up with me this morning. He suggested I’d be better leaning the bike against the front railings which worked to a point. I gave the neighbours a great laugh. Eventually he ended up holding me like a Dad does when a kid first gives up stabilisers. Off I popped. It was heaven. Then the almighty “How the hell am I going to stop?” kicked in.

I just took it really easy around the block 3 times which was about 7 miles. Preyed when I came to roundabouts and miraculously managed to judge the lights just right. I didn’t dare change gear.

I love my new bike and I’m sure I’ll love it a lot more once I get used to it.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Chirk - 3rd time lucky? No officially last

Preparation this week went really well. Had a fantastic run on Thursday and took 5 minutes off my 5 mile bike on Saturday and ran off offroad really nicely so was confident I’d at least maintain last year’s time.

The day started badly. I was violently sick. I guess it was nerves but I really didn’t have any.

The weather was warm but the forecast was showers I deliberated what to wear for the bike. I decided I’d wear my Tri Talk cycling jacket.

As I was off at number one it was great for transition positioning.

Swim – it was incredibly hot. I had a mild panic attack but calmed myself by humming Happy Birthday (don’t ask! a technique Tracey the sports massager taught me – it works). The whistle went and off I popped. Wasn’t fast but was at the pace I was comfortable with. There was 3 minutes between waves and I’d done 4 lengths before the next person started so was confident of a 12 minute time. I’m convinced the lane counters made me do an extra 12 lengths but bearing that in mind 13:45 wasn’t bad.

T1 – complete disaster. It was really hot and sunny when I left the pool so decided to ditch the jacket. Couldn’t get my socks on. Have no explanation why not. Wasted a great deal of time and in the end put my trainers on sockless.

I knew I’d struggle on the bike but didn’t seem to be going that slow. Really can’t get my head around how I could be 15 minutes slower than last year. I was carrying water and did feel incredibly thirsty. Have to consider if I was dehydrated from being sick but still wasn’t confident enough to take water on the move. Big mistake. The road was pretty bad, not just the potholes which in fairness had mostly been painted bright yellow. It was just an incredibly bumpy surface.

T2 broke off the side of my glasses. Transition Ted offered me his but in the end I ran with just one arm. Well “ran” is a loosely translated word. I ran out of transition. I walked for a bit up the hill – my HR monitor was bleeping at 190. Once I’d got over the duel carriageway I ran most of the way and only really walked the steep bit to the duel carriageway on the way back. Was yet again expecting a reasonable run time but was bitterly disappointed with 5 minutes slower.

There were 2 DNF – which I wouldn’t wish on anybody, but does that make me officially not last?

I did really enjoy it – which I guess is the main thing.

Had a fantastic afternoon timing the finish. Met some fantastic people and caught up with old friends.

Huge congratulations to Rhian Roxburgh who won the womens event by a mile and was 6th overall.

12 weeks to the Deva Divas. Should get my new bike this week. Consistent training is the order of the day. I really don’t want to be last again.

1 Lynne Evans Wrecsam Tri 44 F 00:13:38 01:22:59 00:47:11 02:23:48

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chirk - One week and counting

Well I never! 3 months since my last blog! Excuses? My PC is running really slowly and as I now have the benefit of an iphone it very rarely get used. However, iphones are not the best for reading and certainly writing blogs so apologies bloggers you have been neglected.

Work is going really well. Brain is getting a serious workout constantly. It is high pressure. it is stressful, I am being financially rewarded (yes I've had a pay rise!) At the end of the day I’ve used my friend Mr Wine bottle to cope which has hampered training and weight loss.

Training has been sporadic to say the least. When it’s good it’s really good and when it’s bad it doesn’t happen.

Swim wise - despite only one swim session since I learned to swim crawl properly last year I’m absolutely fine. I swam 60 lengths crawl no problem. It’s probably not very pretty. Undoubtedly it’s not very fast but this time last year I needed oxygen after about 4 lengths. The plan for next week is not to do breast stroke.

Run wise – well again not pretty and not fast. The Chirk course is pretty hilly but it’s no worse than I do round here. At the end of the day it’s 5k and as long as I can feel my feet when I get off the bike I’ll be fine.

The bike – this wonderful employer offers the cycle to work scheme so 5 weeks ago off I trotted to the LBS and chose my lean, mean, racing machine. Applied online, employer approved application and I’m waiting… and I’m waiting… and I emailed Cyclescheme… and HR Manager emailed Cyclesheme… and HR Manager tries to contact them by phone and left voicemail….and still I’m waiting…

Looks very likely I will be on my trusty hybrid. In a way it’s not a bad thing as I believe the road is pretty bad and…well I have to be perfectly honest,. my bike fitness will let me down. Due to lack of space I have no turbo. I spent a great deal of last winter in the gym on the bike but this year I’ve done nothing. There you go – I’ve said it out loud!

Weight wise – an absolute disaster but hey ho! Went to see my Trusty friend Tracey of the fantastic sports massage fame. Had a Kinseology treatment to identify the reasons for my overeating. Didn’t really feel as if had done anything. Erm I’ve lost 11lb since last Monday. Not hungry. Not deprived. Feel absolutely fantastic!

So back to Chirk – no expectations of time but if I can crawl all the swim and run all the run I’ll be a happy bunny.

Good luck to everyone doing the VLM next week especially Matt Malloy – If he ever gets back from Lanza – can think of worse places than La Sanza to be stranded

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Despite The Weather

Despite The Weather...
Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:35 pm LynneE

It’s ok having these hopes and plans but they’re worth absolutely jack unless you put them into practice.

For a long time I’ve barely ticked over but was determined to start afresh in the New Year.

I started my new job on 4 January and absolutely love it. It’s high pressure and there’s a lot to learn but the people are lovely and it’s a beautiful, eco friendly, purpose built office, really close to home.

This time last year I was a total whimp and wouldn’t venture out if there was the slightest hint of frost. I’ve moved on slightly and was absolutely gutted with the snow. I like running in nice fresh crisp snow I’m just not so keen when it’s frozen, or there’s icy patches or it’s turned to slush. The school’s were closed so I ended up walking to work. By Tuesday I was going stir crazy and decided just to bite the bullet. It was basically compacted and slippery but satisfying to finish. We had a lot of overnight snow on Wednesday and in hindsight I was crazy to venture out Thursday morning. Complete with head torch and trail shoes I ran multi terrain; compacted snow, ice, slush and deep snow. On and off the pavements it was incredibly hard work and added 9 minutes to my normal 40 minute run.

As if by magic there was an almighty thaw on Friday night. The pavements were still icy when I left home but an hour later when I got home they were almost clear. Maybe I should have delayed the start but if I had maybe I wouldn’t have gone out.

I intended to go out on the bike this morning but swapped it for a walk in the park with Mark, Morgan and Bud. There was still some nasty icy patches but hide and seek was great fun. Fortunately Jim was in the dog house for not having his phone switched on so I bribed him to look after Morgan while I went on the bike this afternoon. I can’t remember the last time it came out and I must confess I’ve done absolutely nothing in the way of pedal power and boy does it show. I’m wrecked. Quads are on fire and I’m suffering from severe saddle rash. That will teach me to be more consistent.

Weight wise I stumbled upon Wiganer’s Winter Experiment 2 which I knew with a bit of tweaking would suit me.

Breakfast – porridge
Lunch – soup
Dinner – Lean meat or fish and unlimited veg including potatoes
Unlimited fruit throughout the day

It’s working very nicely thank you very much. I’m not hungry. I have bags of energy and I’ve Mojo to spare. (And the Wii fit says I’ve lost 5lb since last week’s fitness test). I’m still going to Slimming World because I find the discipline of a weekly weigh in and the group support really helpful.

So the hopes….

I hoped to do the Village Bakery Half Marathon which is on 21 February. That’s just not going to happen. I’m not ready and I’m not going to put myself under unnecessary pressure so my “A” races will be The Chester Half Marathon on 16 May and Bala Standard on 12 September. I know neither of these will be easy but I’m determined and am confident I’ve given myself enough time. What I absolutely do not want is a DNS – I had 3 of those last year. Chirk’s entered 25 April and The Deva Diva’s 18 July – just want to use these both as a comparison of improvement as well as Llanrwst which I assume will be the week before Bala . I’ll hopefully just use that as a last minute training exercise.

2010 Hopes & Plans

2010 Hopes And Plans
Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:54 am LynneE

A colleague came into work yesterday and told us about a radio article he’d heard on the way in. A lady had said that she was making no resolutions, just hopes and plans. She hoped to win the lottery and planned how to spend it.

I’m adopting the same philosophy:-

I hope to lose 5 ½ stone – I plan to eat healthier and exercise more

I hope to complete a half marathon – I plan to train consistently and put contingency plans in place

I hope to complete an Olympic Triathlon – I plan to have swimming lessons and buy a new bike

I hope to walk Offa’s Dyke – I plan, well I guess I better plan my route and pencil in some dates

I hope to start studying for my AAT – I plan to de-clutter my life to give myself time to do something constructive

I hope not to change jobs – ever

I’ve not felt so positive about a new year for a long time, if ever. New job. New wardrobe (courtesy of my wonderful sister-in-law who’s lost a shed load of weight and given me all her clothes that no longer fit her). I know money can’t buy happiness but this substantial salary increase will remove enormous pressure.

A very happy, healthy, prosperous new year to one and all

Here's To 2010

Here's to 2010
Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:25 pm LynneE

Have sadly neglected Blogland for quite a while so sincere apologies.

Have barely been ticking over but I am hanging in there.

Started working full time in a different department in September and have been ill pretty much since. Nothing too drastic just cough, cold, sore throat. The cough got on my chest and I ended up with antibiotics which cleared it for a week and then it was back with a vengeance.

I really wasn’t enjoying my work so started looking elsewhere. I applied for an Assistant Accountant’s position and heard nothing for a month. I also applied for an Accounts Administrator and a Payroll job. I was invited for an interview for all three. I was offered the Assistant Accountant position so declined the other two interviews.

As soon as I handed my notice my health improved dramatically. I felt really positive and was eager to rise to the challenge.

Drama they say is always present in this life that is Lynne’s.

Last Tuesday I was invited to meet the Finance Director and Financial Controller of a Company one of my friends had worked for. They offered me the position of Financial Accountant. Not only did the position come with a substantial salary increase and benefits (including AAT and CIMA funding) but it’s 5 minutes walk from home.

And that’s not my best Christmas present….

My husband and my big kids have ended a 3 year stand off so harmony is one more restored to the Evans household.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 – the year I do a half marathon and an Olympic Tri.