Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2010 Hopes & Plans

2010 Hopes And Plans
Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:54 am LynneE

A colleague came into work yesterday and told us about a radio article he’d heard on the way in. A lady had said that she was making no resolutions, just hopes and plans. She hoped to win the lottery and planned how to spend it.

I’m adopting the same philosophy:-

I hope to lose 5 ½ stone – I plan to eat healthier and exercise more

I hope to complete a half marathon – I plan to train consistently and put contingency plans in place

I hope to complete an Olympic Triathlon – I plan to have swimming lessons and buy a new bike

I hope to walk Offa’s Dyke – I plan, well I guess I better plan my route and pencil in some dates

I hope to start studying for my AAT – I plan to de-clutter my life to give myself time to do something constructive

I hope not to change jobs – ever

I’ve not felt so positive about a new year for a long time, if ever. New job. New wardrobe (courtesy of my wonderful sister-in-law who’s lost a shed load of weight and given me all her clothes that no longer fit her). I know money can’t buy happiness but this substantial salary increase will remove enormous pressure.

A very happy, healthy, prosperous new year to one and all

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