Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Despite The Weather

Despite The Weather...
Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:35 pm LynneE

It’s ok having these hopes and plans but they’re worth absolutely jack unless you put them into practice.

For a long time I’ve barely ticked over but was determined to start afresh in the New Year.

I started my new job on 4 January and absolutely love it. It’s high pressure and there’s a lot to learn but the people are lovely and it’s a beautiful, eco friendly, purpose built office, really close to home.

This time last year I was a total whimp and wouldn’t venture out if there was the slightest hint of frost. I’ve moved on slightly and was absolutely gutted with the snow. I like running in nice fresh crisp snow I’m just not so keen when it’s frozen, or there’s icy patches or it’s turned to slush. The school’s were closed so I ended up walking to work. By Tuesday I was going stir crazy and decided just to bite the bullet. It was basically compacted and slippery but satisfying to finish. We had a lot of overnight snow on Wednesday and in hindsight I was crazy to venture out Thursday morning. Complete with head torch and trail shoes I ran multi terrain; compacted snow, ice, slush and deep snow. On and off the pavements it was incredibly hard work and added 9 minutes to my normal 40 minute run.

As if by magic there was an almighty thaw on Friday night. The pavements were still icy when I left home but an hour later when I got home they were almost clear. Maybe I should have delayed the start but if I had maybe I wouldn’t have gone out.

I intended to go out on the bike this morning but swapped it for a walk in the park with Mark, Morgan and Bud. There was still some nasty icy patches but hide and seek was great fun. Fortunately Jim was in the dog house for not having his phone switched on so I bribed him to look after Morgan while I went on the bike this afternoon. I can’t remember the last time it came out and I must confess I’ve done absolutely nothing in the way of pedal power and boy does it show. I’m wrecked. Quads are on fire and I’m suffering from severe saddle rash. That will teach me to be more consistent.

Weight wise I stumbled upon Wiganer’s Winter Experiment 2 which I knew with a bit of tweaking would suit me.

Breakfast – porridge
Lunch – soup
Dinner – Lean meat or fish and unlimited veg including potatoes
Unlimited fruit throughout the day

It’s working very nicely thank you very much. I’m not hungry. I have bags of energy and I’ve Mojo to spare. (And the Wii fit says I’ve lost 5lb since last week’s fitness test). I’m still going to Slimming World because I find the discipline of a weekly weigh in and the group support really helpful.

So the hopes….

I hoped to do the Village Bakery Half Marathon which is on 21 February. That’s just not going to happen. I’m not ready and I’m not going to put myself under unnecessary pressure so my “A” races will be The Chester Half Marathon on 16 May and Bala Standard on 12 September. I know neither of these will be easy but I’m determined and am confident I’ve given myself enough time. What I absolutely do not want is a DNS – I had 3 of those last year. Chirk’s entered 25 April and The Deva Diva’s 18 July – just want to use these both as a comparison of improvement as well as Llanrwst which I assume will be the week before Bala . I’ll hopefully just use that as a last minute training exercise.

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