Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Just want to see if this works whole blog disappeared

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ups And Downs

Started the week really well and then…

Mark’s dad was taken ill so he had to hotfoot it to Chesterfield. My Mum and Dad agreed to look after Morgan for me to go to work but as I do my training early mornings it has been impossible to do anything.

On the way to my parents Friday night there was an almighty bang. I thought I’d been shot then that a tyre had blown bus realised as I was still driving it was something else. Just before I was about to pull over I noticed a chip in the windscreen about the size of a 50p. My Dad had a look at it and said “are you sure it wasn’t a pellet gun?” I mean how am I supposed to know? I took it for “repair” Saturday morning and the guys were quite shocked. Because it was the top drivers corner and because of the depth of the chip (which had now developed a foot long crack and can’t be repaired and has to be replaced) they thought it highly unlikely a stone from the road would have caused that kind of damage. They suspected that it was either a pellet gun or a stone had been deliberately thrown at me. Off I toddle to the police station and basically they didn’t want to know. They’d had no other reported incidents so there was nothing they could do. My point is, I went in to report this but they didn’t log it so it wasn’t reported. How am I or they to know that someone else hasn’t done the same?

Bought Morgan an electronic dartboard. Got home no darts.

Sunday was helping Jim with his online, maths, angles in parallel lines homework (you cannot imagine how hard I found it – you cant draw “Z” and “F” angles on screen and I ended up looking at them upside down!) anyway Morgan was playing in the bathroom (which is precisely 2 foot from Jim’s room) he’d decided to put the hand towel in the sink and turn on the tap – yup you guessed one flooded bathroom. Later on another flood in the bathroom this time from the toilet but we’re not sure how. We think perhaps the Andrex fairies had paid us a visit. They could also be the same fairies that had drawn all over Morgan’s face in bright orange marker pen!

Mark’s Dad’s still in hospital but he’s stable so Mark came home last night. Looking forward to a better week. It can’t get any worse can it?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Recovery, Two Sessions In A Day and A Freezing Lake

Well I said I was having a rest and I have for 2 weeks.

I think Saveloy and Sue’s suggestion not to do Chirk were probably right as whilst I was mega chuffed at having done it I really haven’t felt good for the last 2 weeks.

Some big positives to emerge though.

Contacted one of my massager’s other clients, Lance, who is an Ironman and asked him for some swim coaching. Met him last Saturday and after telling him that I was completely crap he asked me to swim. Apparently all my mechanics were there, they just needed some “tweaking.” First thing was such a fundamental pathetic error; keep my fingers together. Doh! Secondly he made me slow right down and breath every other stroke. This made a massive difference and made me about a million times faster. Really kicked myself that I hadn’t got in touch with him sooner.

Got out of the pool and my towel was missing. Checked my locker. Checked the side of the pool. Checked behind the desk. Nothing. Had all the pool attendants check all the lockers, all the cubicles, the toilets – nothing. Was offered one of the staff’s but I declines. I am a triathlete! It’s only like doing a T1!

Last Sunday’s planned bike was cancelled due to literally getting off the toilet and an almighty ping in the bottom of my back. Sitting, standing and lying I was in agony. Bending and stretching were my only relief.

Out on the bike this morning – decided to keep it short because firstly I was swimming this afternoon and secondly because it was cold and windy! (yup no hope for me!) Felt absolutely amazing. Only did 10 miles, only had to go to the little ring once and took 7 minutes off my PB.

This afternoon was the first of Chester Tri’s training days for the Diva Divas. I’d decided that I only wanted to swim as logistically with my 3 and a borrowed child in tow to do all 3 would have been impractical. We got there for the start and I couldn’t believe how many had turned up. Far more than last year. There’s an adventure trail on the site and we had a whale of a time. Jim and Cait were soaked, Morgan was plastered in mud but what the hell what are Sunday afternoons for.

Changed into my wetsuit and it felt a tad tight. Was ready for the off when Sal the race secretary suggested “next time it might be a good idea to wear 2 caps.” As an ex Girl Guide the “Be prepared” motto still sticks so I retrieved my spare from Cait. It was cold, very, very cold but in fairness I soon warmed up. As usual I stuck to the back but felt incredibly strong. I am never going to be a good swimmer but whilst my £35 Tesco wetsuit was adequate for last year when I did my “doggy” crawl of a fashion stroke today I felt the restriction on my shoulder as I crawled the whole course. We didn’t do the full 750m but I certainly felt fresh and held my own. Even more incentive to get into AndyS’s Orca for the next session on June 7th. Once again this was a fabulous event arranged by our very own Timmy and his Chester Tri team. Thanks guys.

Have decided to totally change my tactics and plans. The Diva Diva’s is my next race on 12 July. 750m open water swim 10mile bike with a tough hill at the beginning (not too tough I did get up it without getting off last year) and a 5k pancake flat out and back (twice) run on grass around the mere.

I’ve had problems with my back twice in the last month and whilst neither was a training injury I’m convinced that pushing myself to run longer is the cause. I want to go back to just running 40minutes and upping it by 10 minutes for the next 2 weeks then going back down to 40. Swimming, there’s another 2 open water training sessions, hopefully Lance will be able to give me a coached session every week and I’ll get another endurance session in every week. Bike wise I think is where I can make the most time. The old Mold sprint will give me the endurance plus the hill strength. The 10 miler I did this morning will give me an idea of pace and the Borders/Nercwys loop is short and hilly enough to run off to get my bricks in.

One very happy bunny!

And to cap it all.... Jims footie presentation yesterday and he got a well deserved player of the year