Monday, 19 January 2009

Mojo For Sale!
Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:47 pm LynneE

Plenty to spare…. In fact I won’t sell it I’ll give it away!

Amazing really the difference a week makes and no logical explanations.

The “diet” that I’m not on is working a treat. Paul McKenna rocks. I’ve basically just cut out everything in between meals and reduced the portion size of my evening meal, I haven’t felt deprived. I honestly haven’t been hungry. It’s as if the importance of food has been put into perspective; eating to live rather than living to eat. I have listened to the CD twice. Once outside school waiting for the kids and the other time in the gym on the bike which was totally ludicrous. I do the visualisation exercises though and imagining myself slim and able to “do” is beneficial.

Well the plan was to do 6 tough training sessions this week. They haven’t been tough – so have I failed? I’ve done 7 training every day. Something I haven’t done in a long, long time, maybe never, if I’m totally honest. I’ve done 4 gym session, 2 on the bike, 1 on the treadmill and one on the cross trainer. I usually run with Sue on a Wednesday night. I have a wonderful habit of wimping out. I was absolutely determined to do my 6 sessions so told Sue I’d be doing it in the morning instead. I got up and it was really icy – I HAD to run. I’ve always struggled for the first 5 minutes. On Wednesday I pushed the pace and had been going for 10 minutes before I thought “Shit, I feel fine!” I even had to go the long way round and go round the block to make up the time.

Yesterday I ran the Mold Borders. There’s 2 lumpy bits. I actually ran up both hills but had to walk at the top of the first because the wind literally took my breath away. I always thought it was 5.6 miles and as I did it from home had always assumed I was getting 10k as near as damn it. It’s actually 5.3miles 8.5km, anyway, I took 4minutes off my time. This morning I got my bike out for the first time in months. I have no lights so practically the only time I can cycle is the weekend and it’s been either too icy or too windy for ages. As I struggled along I mentally wrote my blog. Gym miles is no substitute for road miles. I really must make more effort. Then I stopped beating myself up and came to the conclusion this is the 7th consecutive day of training and I’ve done very little over the past month or so. Of course I’m going to be tired. One thing that really concerned me though was I’ve lost my nerve on the downhills. In fairness it was quite windy and there was quite a lot of crap on the roads but I’ve still got to, as Sue would say, get out there and do.

On Thursday I got a mail from a friend giving me details of the Chester Half Marathon. It’s in May. Chirk’s the end of April, the Diva’s is in July so I think it will fit in very nicely thank you very much. It means I WILL do a half this year and won’t feel so bad about wimping out over Wrexham, next month.

I was discussing going to watch the 4 Villages and my manager overheard and piped up with “I’ve entered the Chester half.” It’s strange because she’s overweight (not as much as me) and hasn’t done any exercise for years. She’s having the midlife crisis I had 14 months ago. I’m so proud of her and amazed that she’s asking me for advice.

Sorry I didn’t get to watch this morning. Cait’s got tonsillitis, Jim’s suffering after having his brace tightened this week and Morgan’s got an eye infection.

Took Morgan to a Birthday Party in the local sports centre yesterday and asked when the pool would reopen. Not until the end of March, beginning of April. I really must find an alternative.

Plan for the week – rest day tomorrow and quality over quantity me thinks.
Paul McKenna Really Does Work...
Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:23 pm LynneE

Paul McKenna
1. Eat when you’re REALLY hungry
2. Eat what you really want
3. Eat consciously
4. Stop When You’re Full
5. Drink Water

Common sense really. Decided not to drink alcohol too. Had an absolutely fabulous week. Lost 6lb. full of energy. Really positive. Friday, after a bad day in work had 3 cans of cider. Saturday blew the whole thing and put back on the 6lbs.

Weather’s been a bit counter productive to training. Did 2 gym sessions in the week. Intended to run yesterday but too icy and Morgan woke early. Intended to ride today but too windy. Getting sick of my own excuses.

Before Christmas read the thread about a cyclist dropping dead and remaining unidentified for a couple of days. This had been playing on my mind for a while even before I read the thread. I do tend to leave a note for Mark before I go out, telling him where I’m going and how long I’ll be but, by the time I get to the end of the road I’ve often changed my mind. I always take my phone but, if you were involved in a horrible crash that would probably be smashed too? I ordered dog tags and silicone bands from My dog tags have my name and address on one and contact Mark with the home and his mobile number on the other. I hope they’ll never be needed but I feel safer wearing them. Cait’s just got her name on one and date of birth on the other. I’ve got a glow in the dark wristband with my own inspirational message on. Jim’s got his name on his. The dog tags were £4.50 and the wristbands £2.00. Well worth it I think. So the forecast for this week is rain. I like rain. I can cope with rain. So the plan for this week. Back on the Paul McKenna eating regime (it’s NOT a diet) and 6 very hard training sessions will allow me a day off next Sunday.
Mum's Not So Special Special Birthday
Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:17 pm LynneE

Lynne – thanks. I do like writing my blog. When I read back through it, it makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have such an amazing life A response I got to a reply on Mountaingirl’s blog and basically I like writing my blog and whilst pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong I too live a pretty amazing life.

On Saturday my Mum was 69. It’s not a significant birthday and whilst she’s not ill she’s not particularly well. My younger brother suggested lunch for the whole family today which was readily agreed. My idea of a lurcher was a curly greyhound. When we got our (rescue dog) years ago we were told that any working dog crossed with a greyhound whippet was a lurcher so Bud, a lab whippet x was a lurcher. My younger brother has an old spaniel – working dog and a whippet x collie x something = lurcher. My older brother has a curly greyhound = lurcher so elder brother decided Talacre sands should be the lurcher race track yesterday morning. Bud is a really bad traveller so we packed the car with binbags and newspapers. Before we got out of Mold he was shaking so violently he was withdrawn from the race. Tacacre has the Mick taken out of it so much. I’ve lived so close all my life and yesterday was only the second time I’ve ever been there. It is lovely. We had such fun. The dogs race. The owners race. The long jump. The who can get the most sand to stick to a football. Cait Jim & Morgan Cait winning the long jump Gelert the winning Lurcher Lunch was fantastic – a carvery but leads me to the other news.

Well I’ve got 5 and a half stone to lose I’ve pretty much tried everything and what jumped out at me doing my shopping in Tesco on Friday was Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin.” I don’t want to be thin thank you very much but I do want to be healthy. It’s so simple
1. Eat when you’re REALLY hungry
2. Eat What you really want
3. Eat consciously
4. Stop When You’re Full
5. Drink Water

So I have officially resigned from the clean plate club. (Yup I was indoctrinated with starving kids in Africa) I start today but have been practicing. It’s very difficult to concentrate specifically on what you’re eating. Meals around the table in our house are always filled with chat and banter. I had a bacon butty on Saturday – in front of the telly but not watching it. Concentrating on every mouthful and chewing really slowly it was the best bacon butty I’ve ever tasted. I had veg curry and a baked spud Saturday night. The texture of this meal mad it difficult to chew but I did appreciate the flavours more. Yesterday’s carvery I really struggled – to finish – in fact I didn’t which is a first and progress. There’s a lot of psychological stuff in the book that explain lots of my reasons for overeating. I’ve loaded the CD onto my phone which basically translated is my ipod. There’s a big thing about not weighing yourself for 2 weeks which I will find hard. There’s also a 90 day journal which is on the other blog. Feeling very, very positive and… pushed myself for a faster run this morning so well on track for improving Chirk time.