Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year - Change One Thing - Healthy

So the wheels came off the wagon (yet again I hear you cry!)

No excuses. We had a week away in Majorca in July and when I came back there was an internal vacancy available for a Business Support Lead in one of our Independent Mental Hospitals. I ticked every box on the personal specification and consequently got the job. There was a lot of “finishing up” in the old role and “bedding in” in the new role so I’ve basically worked stupid hours for the last 6 months. I leave the house before 8 so the gym wasn’t (isn’t) an option. I could have biked. I could have run. I could have done classes after work . I didn’t.

New Year. New Resolutions. No habit changes. Change ONE thing. Healthy. It doesn’t fit into any SMART rules but that’s the plan.

I’ve signed up to Dry January.

I’ve signed up to Jantastic (you decide on how many runs a week and log them – I’ve committed to 3).

I’ve signed up for a British Nutrition Foundation Course – An Introduction to Nutrition and Healthy Eating.

I’ve entered the Deva Divas 27 July (the event I had my meltdown DNF in 2010)

I’ve entered the ballot for the GNR 7 September.

I’m tempted to enter Mad Dog 10K on 16 February in Southport and Rhyl 10 miler the week after on 23 February.

The week before Christmas I had a little slip in work and landed on my knee. I’ve had GP all clear but I need to see how it goes.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Injury Free 2014. May we all achieve our goals and smash our PB’s.