Sunday, 8 November 2009

Off Season Ramblings

Not a lot happening in my world of Triathlon at the moment but just thought I’d share some other ramblings in this life that is Lynne.

The week before the clocks went back had a strange experience with daylight, or more to be precise lack of it. Ran on the Saturday fine. Got up on the Monday pitch black. Decided to run anyway as was reasonably confident the route was street lit. About a mile in needed to turn off the main road and low and behold no street lights. Had one of those a million thoughts in a nano second experiences. Could turn back. No time to go further as would be late for work. Bite the bullet and take original route which is what I did. Then realised I was wearing black, had a tiny bit of reflective/ fluorescent but there was a children’s nursery about 200 yards along the lane and I was quite likely to get hit by a car. What could I do? Sprint? Yup, me sprinting and sshhhh I actually enjoyed it.

As you may know my house is literally about 100yards from Tesco car park. Consequently it would be pretty silly to shop anywhere else but really been getting fed up with spending close on £150 a week and having very little to show for it, plus ridiculously short shelf life on many products particularly salad stuff so last weekend we decided on drastic measures.

Headed off into town, which in fairness isn’t far. Bought 3 carrier bags of fruit and veg off the market for a tenner. Really chuffed.

Then off to Aldi. What an eye opener. OK no branded stuff but so much cheaper. I’m confident we saved at least £30.

Bought 2 head torches for £3.99 each. Mark laughed at me but guess what I found him using to change a light bulb? They had some great running gear too. Unfortunately none big enough for me.

I’ve picked up another cough/cold/chest infection. Cait’s observation not mine but Beechams All In One – why do you have to take 2?