Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chirk 9 Weeks And Counting...

Chirk 9 Weeks And Counting....
Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:46 pm LynneE

I wrote last week’s blog but it was just too depressing to post. (I DIDN'T POST IT ON TRITALK I DID POST IT ON HERE!)

Basically I’d put ON 11lbs in a week and felt yuck.

With precisely 10 weeks to Chirk, with a very specific 10 week Olympic plan drawn up I was faced with the decision either to quit or to start again, stick to the plan and lose the weight. There is no way I am going to attempt another Tri at this weight. I intend to compete (only against myself). I want to take at least 30 minutes off last year’s pathetic attempt.

Monday – normal 5k run. I felt every ounce of the extra weight but came in average time. I’ve got 10 weeks to get 10 minutes off.

Tuesday – our electric was off (renewing the poles). With it being half term major panics – what do you do with 3 kids and no electric. Thde big kids thought they’d got it sussed charging the laptops. Then there was this simultaneous scream “Mum we’ve got no internet.” Doh! Who didn’t realise the wireless router was electric.

The answer was easy we went swimming. I wasn’t sure if we needed to pay for Morgan as he was 3. I was told no and then Cait was mortified when the cashier said “Just you and the BOYS.”

Had a really good time and ok it wasn’t a structured training session but did get a few lengths in and I had the benefit of “Coach” Cait and her constructive criticism. I breath unilaterally and basically drag my left arm. It’s going to take more than a splash around with the kids to correct it but at least I know what to work on.

Wednesday – working full time so couldn’t run with Sue so did the hill run early morning instead. Didn’t feel clever until I actually got to the hill. Got further up than I usually do and had to walk a lamp post but got my second wind an ran the rest of the way. Was cursing myself because I had to go to work and hadn’t got time to do the full loop but just carried on up the hill and did the full 2 miles and then turned back. Was really chuffed 49:30. Hip killed for the rest of the day but knees held up well.

Thursday was a scheduled rest day and Friday I just did some Core/Flexibility work (thanks BEEF).

Yesterday I was due to run long but my hip was still giving me jip but as the weather was too nice to waste out came the bike. Decided to take the undulating 10.5mile route easy expecting it to take about 40 minutes. I was mortified to clock nearly an hour. Had precisely 15 minutes to get in, shower and get to the gym to get my waxing done. Just proves the point I’ve got to get road miles under my belt. It should be light enough now to get an hour in before work.

Invested in new trainers to see if they’ll improve my hip. OK I confess. My last two pairs have been from JJB who assured me I was neutral. Today I went to our local sport’s shop. It’s not specialised running but the assistant seemed to know what he was talking about. He said I was overpronating and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Asics GT2140. I was really chuffed to have negotiated a £10 discount only to find them on for a further £10 cheaper. In fairness. The fit and support felt fantastic, especially around my ankle. It’s worth paying just for this advice.

Look forward to reporting a 10 minute improvement next week

And.... I've lost 9lb of the 11 I put on doing Rosemary Conley's Gi Jeans diet. Left me a bit bloated though so new plan for this week plus it's been 8 alcohol free days

So 9 weeks today is Chirk. No time for injury, illness, excuses, apathy, fatigue or failure. I will be there and I will be 2 stone lighter than last year.

Monday, 16 February 2009

10 Weeks And Counting

A pretty pathetic week in which I did no training and put ON 11lbs.

Had a massage on Saturday, something I should have done 3 weeks ago when I first injured my knee. The relief was incredible. No pain whatsoever – even up and down the stairs.

So 10 weeks until Chirk. Got myself a very nice 10 week Oly plan sorted. It’s basically shit or bust time. I have no leeway whatsoever for laziness, injury, apathy, illness or any other excuse.

I must stick to the plan. I must lose 3 stone end of.

I’m only competing against myself but I need a 10 minute swim a 50minute bike and a 30minute run. The target is 1:30 as opposed to 2:17 last year.

The plan’s a 6 day jobbie and it’s very doable. There’s no distances in it that I haven’t done before. It’s all about consistancy

Apart from training..

No alcohol. Early nights and 15 mins of core plus 15mins strength on my 6 training days.

I should have swum this morning I ran instead. A 5k Time Trial. It took me 40minutes. I have 10 weeks to take off 10 minutes. I really struggled. I am capable of running almost double this distance over a much harder route. The excess weight made a huge impact. Losing 3 stone will have an even bigger impact.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow Joke

Snow Joke
Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:57 pm LynneE

So I hurt my knee. So I rested. So my hip hurt. Without training my ankle swelled and I was back down that slippery slope of doing nothing. This was obviously compounded by the weather. I’d given myself a 2 week run lay off but I had intended to bike and swim but it just didn’t happen. No real excuses except that the roads were pretty bad.

Defining moments:-

I must paraphrase my husband’s

“ For flipping hecks sake Lynne will you get out and run and come back in a better mood?”

Morgan’s took the biscuit:-

“Have you got a baby in your tummy Mummy?”

“No Morgan, why?”

“Because Auntie Corrine (playgroup supervisor) has a big tummy and she’s got a baby in hers”

Well… come hell or high water I was getting out today. The forecast wasn’t too bad and I thought as long as we didn’t have a hard frost I’d be ok.. It had snowed overnight which was good as it had obviously warmed up and I could run on the fresh snow.

I thought it was impossible for anyone to run any slower than I usually did. I was wrong. I was just extremely grateful for whoever posted the thread for trail shoes for a tenner. They were just the job. Told Mark when I got back felt like I was running through treacle. His obvious response was “I wouldn’t know I’ve never run through treacle!” Doh!

Best thing about it? A snow plough lifted its bucket sp I didn’t get drenched. A fabulous red sun rise which had turned yellow by the time I got my camera out.

The worst thing? 200 yards from home a 4X4 dived for a lake of a puddle and I was dripping drenched

Mouldy Mold

Mouldy Mold
Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:57 pm LynneE

“If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” A saying we grew up with. “If you can’t blog anything nice don’t blog anything at all.” Is that the rules?

I am a firm believer of fate and things happening for a reason. I am very fond of quoting Paulo Coelho and the alchemist along the lines of when you’re close to achieving your goal the whole world conspires to help.

Monday I really needed to rest after 7 consecutive days.

Tuesday – had a massive argument with the duvet. It wasn’t particularly my body that was tired I just couldn’t wake up. Eventually I won and tootled off to the gym for what wasn’t one of my best cross trainer sessions but at least I did it.

Wednesday is where the conspiracy starts. Walking across the car park in work, slip and twist my knee. Don’t actually fall but it was a tad painful. I arrange to run with Sue on a Wednesday and have a tendency to wimp out. Determined not to this week I’m saved by the bell when Sue texts to say she’s not well.

Mrs Transition Ted has been threatening to do a Tri for longer than I have. As well as being one of the fittest women I know she has a steely determination and an evil competitive streak. Her running and bike beat mine hands down (like about twice as fast!) but, she’s struggled with her swimming. This week, not only did she tell me that she’d got down to my sprint times but Transition Ted posts a thread that she’s actually entered Mansfield.

So me, who hasn’t been near a pool since Llanrwyst thinks I better shift my backside.

Our local pool’s been shut for repairs since October and whilst the other nearest is only 2 miles or so up the road, 1. I’ve never been there and 2. When you’re used to a pool within spitting distance it does feel like a cross county trek.

So instead of my run with Sue off to the pool I pop. Have to ask 8 year olds how to use the lockers but hey ho. A general public no laned off session. No problems me thinks. Except that there are kids mucking about with floats and stuff. After I’ve got off my high horse (in a split nano second I’ll have you know!) I just deal with it. Set off very slowly (sssshhhh head up breaststroke!) Ok so time for a 25m split. Bearing in mind my 400m for both Chirk and Llanrwyst was 14minutes last year I was delighted with 36secs. Slight problem I was nearly physically sick. The lessons I had last year, whilst not a complete waste of time, should have been put to better use. I know what’s wrong (basically everything!) but in particular breathing. I need some serious coaching. Did 400m at the end and quite chuffed with under 12 mins with alternating crawl and breaststroke lengths.

Attempted a brick session in the gym on Thursday but had to curtail the run after 5 minutes as major problems with my knee.

Friday was a scheduled rest and as I anticipated running long Saturday and biking long on Sunday didn’t worry too much.

And Saturday was when the whole pack of cards came crashing down.

I have a book fetish. As many women can’t resist shoes and handbags I can’t resist books. I’m usually reading 3 at the same time, one on the coffee table, one in my handbag and one in the car, anyway none of them were inspiring me so I went in search of something a little lighter. I took a book off the bottom shelf of the bookcase in our bedroom and was horrified to find out is was mouldy. Things got considerably worse. The book case was completely ruined and the wall behind was growing penicillin. The whole weekend was spent cleaning (detol mould and mildew spray is amazing – as if by magic the black disappears before your very eyes!) finding new book cases (well why miss an opportunity and settle for one!) Whilst I was particularly piddled off at this turn of events it has forced me to sort what was on those shelves and the dressing table which has been suitably dispensed to the recycling park. Has anyone else got 40 odd VHS tapes with recordings off the telly? My argument was they haven’t been looked at in the 6 years that Mark and I have been together, we have no idea what’s on them (Ok I concede there was a Goodnight Mr Tom and A Carrie’s war which I’ve ordered from Amazon for a fiver each!)

Taught me another valuable lesson as I didn’t find humping books up the stairs particularly easy. The books weighed considerably less than the weight I’ve got to lose.

The Paul McKenna regime (careful here not a diet) is still ok track. Not losing pounds as fast as I would like but not gaining either. There’s still the Saturday sabotage which turned into Sunday sabotage as well oops! I think I’m losing inches rather than weight though. Jim said to me the other night “You know what Mum? Your boobs are now bigger than your belly” Backhanded? It’s a compliment in my books