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Chirk 9 Weeks And Counting...

Chirk 9 Weeks And Counting....
Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:46 pm LynneE

I wrote last week’s blog but it was just too depressing to post. (I DIDN'T POST IT ON TRITALK I DID POST IT ON HERE!)

Basically I’d put ON 11lbs in a week and felt yuck.

With precisely 10 weeks to Chirk, with a very specific 10 week Olympic plan drawn up I was faced with the decision either to quit or to start again, stick to the plan and lose the weight. There is no way I am going to attempt another Tri at this weight. I intend to compete (only against myself). I want to take at least 30 minutes off last year’s pathetic attempt.

Monday – normal 5k run. I felt every ounce of the extra weight but came in average time. I’ve got 10 weeks to get 10 minutes off.

Tuesday – our electric was off (renewing the poles). With it being half term major panics – what do you do with 3 kids and no electric. Thde big kids thought they’d got it sussed charging the laptops. Then there was this simultaneous scream “Mum we’ve got no internet.” Doh! Who didn’t realise the wireless router was electric.

The answer was easy we went swimming. I wasn’t sure if we needed to pay for Morgan as he was 3. I was told no and then Cait was mortified when the cashier said “Just you and the BOYS.”

Had a really good time and ok it wasn’t a structured training session but did get a few lengths in and I had the benefit of “Coach” Cait and her constructive criticism. I breath unilaterally and basically drag my left arm. It’s going to take more than a splash around with the kids to correct it but at least I know what to work on.

Wednesday – working full time so couldn’t run with Sue so did the hill run early morning instead. Didn’t feel clever until I actually got to the hill. Got further up than I usually do and had to walk a lamp post but got my second wind an ran the rest of the way. Was cursing myself because I had to go to work and hadn’t got time to do the full loop but just carried on up the hill and did the full 2 miles and then turned back. Was really chuffed 49:30. Hip killed for the rest of the day but knees held up well.

Thursday was a scheduled rest day and Friday I just did some Core/Flexibility work (thanks BEEF).

Yesterday I was due to run long but my hip was still giving me jip but as the weather was too nice to waste out came the bike. Decided to take the undulating 10.5mile route easy expecting it to take about 40 minutes. I was mortified to clock nearly an hour. Had precisely 15 minutes to get in, shower and get to the gym to get my waxing done. Just proves the point I’ve got to get road miles under my belt. It should be light enough now to get an hour in before work.

Invested in new trainers to see if they’ll improve my hip. OK I confess. My last two pairs have been from JJB who assured me I was neutral. Today I went to our local sport’s shop. It’s not specialised running but the assistant seemed to know what he was talking about. He said I was overpronating and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Asics GT2140. I was really chuffed to have negotiated a £10 discount only to find them on for a further £10 cheaper. In fairness. The fit and support felt fantastic, especially around my ankle. It’s worth paying just for this advice.

Look forward to reporting a 10 minute improvement next week

And.... I've lost 9lb of the 11 I put on doing Rosemary Conley's Gi Jeans diet. Left me a bit bloated though so new plan for this week plus it's been 8 alcohol free days

So 9 weeks today is Chirk. No time for injury, illness, excuses, apathy, fatigue or failure. I will be there and I will be 2 stone lighter than last year.

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