Monday, 16 February 2009

10 Weeks And Counting

A pretty pathetic week in which I did no training and put ON 11lbs.

Had a massage on Saturday, something I should have done 3 weeks ago when I first injured my knee. The relief was incredible. No pain whatsoever – even up and down the stairs.

So 10 weeks until Chirk. Got myself a very nice 10 week Oly plan sorted. It’s basically shit or bust time. I have no leeway whatsoever for laziness, injury, apathy, illness or any other excuse.

I must stick to the plan. I must lose 3 stone end of.

I’m only competing against myself but I need a 10 minute swim a 50minute bike and a 30minute run. The target is 1:30 as opposed to 2:17 last year.

The plan’s a 6 day jobbie and it’s very doable. There’s no distances in it that I haven’t done before. It’s all about consistancy

Apart from training..

No alcohol. Early nights and 15 mins of core plus 15mins strength on my 6 training days.

I should have swum this morning I ran instead. A 5k Time Trial. It took me 40minutes. I have 10 weeks to take off 10 minutes. I really struggled. I am capable of running almost double this distance over a much harder route. The excess weight made a huge impact. Losing 3 stone will have an even bigger impact.

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