Monday, 19 January 2009

Mum's Not So Special Special Birthday
Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:17 pm LynneE

Lynne – thanks. I do like writing my blog. When I read back through it, it makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have such an amazing life A response I got to a reply on Mountaingirl’s blog and basically I like writing my blog and whilst pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong I too live a pretty amazing life.

On Saturday my Mum was 69. It’s not a significant birthday and whilst she’s not ill she’s not particularly well. My younger brother suggested lunch for the whole family today which was readily agreed. My idea of a lurcher was a curly greyhound. When we got our (rescue dog) years ago we were told that any working dog crossed with a greyhound whippet was a lurcher so Bud, a lab whippet x was a lurcher. My younger brother has an old spaniel – working dog and a whippet x collie x something = lurcher. My older brother has a curly greyhound = lurcher so elder brother decided Talacre sands should be the lurcher race track yesterday morning. Bud is a really bad traveller so we packed the car with binbags and newspapers. Before we got out of Mold he was shaking so violently he was withdrawn from the race. Tacacre has the Mick taken out of it so much. I’ve lived so close all my life and yesterday was only the second time I’ve ever been there. It is lovely. We had such fun. The dogs race. The owners race. The long jump. The who can get the most sand to stick to a football. Cait Jim & Morgan Cait winning the long jump Gelert the winning Lurcher Lunch was fantastic – a carvery but leads me to the other news.

Well I’ve got 5 and a half stone to lose I’ve pretty much tried everything and what jumped out at me doing my shopping in Tesco on Friday was Paul McKenna’s “I can make you thin.” I don’t want to be thin thank you very much but I do want to be healthy. It’s so simple
1. Eat when you’re REALLY hungry
2. Eat What you really want
3. Eat consciously
4. Stop When You’re Full
5. Drink Water

So I have officially resigned from the clean plate club. (Yup I was indoctrinated with starving kids in Africa) I start today but have been practicing. It’s very difficult to concentrate specifically on what you’re eating. Meals around the table in our house are always filled with chat and banter. I had a bacon butty on Saturday – in front of the telly but not watching it. Concentrating on every mouthful and chewing really slowly it was the best bacon butty I’ve ever tasted. I had veg curry and a baked spud Saturday night. The texture of this meal mad it difficult to chew but I did appreciate the flavours more. Yesterday’s carvery I really struggled – to finish – in fact I didn’t which is a first and progress. There’s a lot of psychological stuff in the book that explain lots of my reasons for overeating. I’ve loaded the CD onto my phone which basically translated is my ipod. There’s a big thing about not weighing yourself for 2 weeks which I will find hard. There’s also a 90 day journal which is on the other blog. Feeling very, very positive and… pushed myself for a faster run this morning so well on track for improving Chirk time.

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