Monday, 29 December 2008

Festivities Over

Hellooooo! I’m back!

Nothing to report! And I mean nothing. I’ve done nothing.

Shopped at 6am rather than train. Spent time wrapping presents instead of training. Played on the Wii instead of training. Consumed far too much food and drink. Too scarred to get on the scales.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas. We’ve had a fantastic time.

Turkey’s all gone (we had beef but scrounged some from my Mum and brother). Nut’s are all eaten. Taken all the booze to my brother’s. Don’t eat chocolate so that’s not a problem.

Back in work today and working full time (it’s going to kill me!)

Knocked the half on the head – can’t get myself too stressed over not being able to do it. (will however run the course before the event – probably will take me 3 hours but hey ho!)

17 weeks to Chirk – written the plan – onwards and upwards.

And… I ran this morning. Felt absolutely fantastic. Cannot believe I have missed this wonderful feeling for 3 weeks!

Oh yes and I believe my blog’s been hijacked. I would never, ever, ever contemplate an Ironman – would I? A moment of complete madness!

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