Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ups And Downs

Started the week really well and then…

Mark’s dad was taken ill so he had to hotfoot it to Chesterfield. My Mum and Dad agreed to look after Morgan for me to go to work but as I do my training early mornings it has been impossible to do anything.

On the way to my parents Friday night there was an almighty bang. I thought I’d been shot then that a tyre had blown bus realised as I was still driving it was something else. Just before I was about to pull over I noticed a chip in the windscreen about the size of a 50p. My Dad had a look at it and said “are you sure it wasn’t a pellet gun?” I mean how am I supposed to know? I took it for “repair” Saturday morning and the guys were quite shocked. Because it was the top drivers corner and because of the depth of the chip (which had now developed a foot long crack and can’t be repaired and has to be replaced) they thought it highly unlikely a stone from the road would have caused that kind of damage. They suspected that it was either a pellet gun or a stone had been deliberately thrown at me. Off I toddle to the police station and basically they didn’t want to know. They’d had no other reported incidents so there was nothing they could do. My point is, I went in to report this but they didn’t log it so it wasn’t reported. How am I or they to know that someone else hasn’t done the same?

Bought Morgan an electronic dartboard. Got home no darts.

Sunday was helping Jim with his online, maths, angles in parallel lines homework (you cannot imagine how hard I found it – you cant draw “Z” and “F” angles on screen and I ended up looking at them upside down!) anyway Morgan was playing in the bathroom (which is precisely 2 foot from Jim’s room) he’d decided to put the hand towel in the sink and turn on the tap – yup you guessed one flooded bathroom. Later on another flood in the bathroom this time from the toilet but we’re not sure how. We think perhaps the Andrex fairies had paid us a visit. They could also be the same fairies that had drawn all over Morgan’s face in bright orange marker pen!

Mark’s Dad’s still in hospital but he’s stable so Mark came home last night. Looking forward to a better week. It can’t get any worse can it?

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Rhian Roxburgh said...

Bless, what a week!hope the following weeks were better. we have andrex fairies in our house except they are UGLY and make awful smells!!!!