Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chirk - One week and counting

Well I never! 3 months since my last blog! Excuses? My PC is running really slowly and as I now have the benefit of an iphone it very rarely get used. However, iphones are not the best for reading and certainly writing blogs so apologies bloggers you have been neglected.

Work is going really well. Brain is getting a serious workout constantly. It is high pressure. it is stressful, I am being financially rewarded (yes I've had a pay rise!) At the end of the day I’ve used my friend Mr Wine bottle to cope which has hampered training and weight loss.

Training has been sporadic to say the least. When it’s good it’s really good and when it’s bad it doesn’t happen.

Swim wise - despite only one swim session since I learned to swim crawl properly last year I’m absolutely fine. I swam 60 lengths crawl no problem. It’s probably not very pretty. Undoubtedly it’s not very fast but this time last year I needed oxygen after about 4 lengths. The plan for next week is not to do breast stroke.

Run wise – well again not pretty and not fast. The Chirk course is pretty hilly but it’s no worse than I do round here. At the end of the day it’s 5k and as long as I can feel my feet when I get off the bike I’ll be fine.

The bike – this wonderful employer offers the cycle to work scheme so 5 weeks ago off I trotted to the LBS and chose my lean, mean, racing machine. Applied online, employer approved application and I’m waiting… and I’m waiting… and I emailed Cyclescheme… and HR Manager emailed Cyclesheme… and HR Manager tries to contact them by phone and left voicemail….and still I’m waiting…

Looks very likely I will be on my trusty hybrid. In a way it’s not a bad thing as I believe the road is pretty bad and…well I have to be perfectly honest,. my bike fitness will let me down. Due to lack of space I have no turbo. I spent a great deal of last winter in the gym on the bike but this year I’ve done nothing. There you go – I’ve said it out loud!

Weight wise – an absolute disaster but hey ho! Went to see my Trusty friend Tracey of the fantastic sports massage fame. Had a Kinseology treatment to identify the reasons for my overeating. Didn’t really feel as if had done anything. Erm I’ve lost 11lb since last Monday. Not hungry. Not deprived. Feel absolutely fantastic!

So back to Chirk – no expectations of time but if I can crawl all the swim and run all the run I’ll be a happy bunny.

Good luck to everyone doing the VLM next week especially Matt Malloy – If he ever gets back from Lanza – can think of worse places than La Sanza to be stranded

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