Monday, 26 April 2010

Chirk - 3rd time lucky? No officially last

Preparation this week went really well. Had a fantastic run on Thursday and took 5 minutes off my 5 mile bike on Saturday and ran off offroad really nicely so was confident I’d at least maintain last year’s time.

The day started badly. I was violently sick. I guess it was nerves but I really didn’t have any.

The weather was warm but the forecast was showers I deliberated what to wear for the bike. I decided I’d wear my Tri Talk cycling jacket.

As I was off at number one it was great for transition positioning.

Swim – it was incredibly hot. I had a mild panic attack but calmed myself by humming Happy Birthday (don’t ask! a technique Tracey the sports massager taught me – it works). The whistle went and off I popped. Wasn’t fast but was at the pace I was comfortable with. There was 3 minutes between waves and I’d done 4 lengths before the next person started so was confident of a 12 minute time. I’m convinced the lane counters made me do an extra 12 lengths but bearing that in mind 13:45 wasn’t bad.

T1 – complete disaster. It was really hot and sunny when I left the pool so decided to ditch the jacket. Couldn’t get my socks on. Have no explanation why not. Wasted a great deal of time and in the end put my trainers on sockless.

I knew I’d struggle on the bike but didn’t seem to be going that slow. Really can’t get my head around how I could be 15 minutes slower than last year. I was carrying water and did feel incredibly thirsty. Have to consider if I was dehydrated from being sick but still wasn’t confident enough to take water on the move. Big mistake. The road was pretty bad, not just the potholes which in fairness had mostly been painted bright yellow. It was just an incredibly bumpy surface.

T2 broke off the side of my glasses. Transition Ted offered me his but in the end I ran with just one arm. Well “ran” is a loosely translated word. I ran out of transition. I walked for a bit up the hill – my HR monitor was bleeping at 190. Once I’d got over the duel carriageway I ran most of the way and only really walked the steep bit to the duel carriageway on the way back. Was yet again expecting a reasonable run time but was bitterly disappointed with 5 minutes slower.

There were 2 DNF – which I wouldn’t wish on anybody, but does that make me officially not last?

I did really enjoy it – which I guess is the main thing.

Had a fantastic afternoon timing the finish. Met some fantastic people and caught up with old friends.

Huge congratulations to Rhian Roxburgh who won the womens event by a mile and was 6th overall.

12 weeks to the Deva Divas. Should get my new bike this week. Consistent training is the order of the day. I really don’t want to be last again.

1 Lynne Evans Wrecsam Tri 44 F 00:13:38 01:22:59 00:47:11 02:23:48

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