Sunday, 9 May 2010

New Bike Posted on Tri Talk Sunday 2 May

Ironic really, got to work on Monday and the Cycle to Work voucher was waiting for me. Had to wait until Saturday to cash it in.

Was really quiet in LBS Graham Weigh’s in Shotton. I’d been dealing with Keith but another guy grabbed me. I told him I’d got a voucher and could almost see him cringe. He took it off me and said “You’ve got £900 here. Come with me!” What a change of attitude.

In fairness both he and Keith were absolutely fantastic. They made me a cuppa and got me on the turbo.

Now bear in mind I know nothing about bikes but I trusted them implicitly because of their reputation and because I knew if they dealt me a bum steer they’d feel the wrath of FaST and Sue.

Had the saddle adjusted, the stem changed and oh the shame was shown how to pedal properly.

Went downstairs to sort out the voucher while the mechanics gave me a “;adies” saddle and I’ve never seen such a transformation in a shop There were absolutely loads of customers. It was quite an education watching all sorts from a couple who were buying his/hers because they were sick of vegetating, two or three others who’d bought under the Cycle to Work scheme, Mums and Dads buying kid’s bikes to the all singing all dancing foreign pair who dropped in for spares on the dogs doobries of bikes.

Mine duly arrived. Now I’d come to this arrangement with Keith that I’d have proper pedals and after a couple of weeks once I’d got used to it he’d swap them. It didn’t have proper pedals. I ummed and ahhed for about a minute and then decided I’d take it as it was. I’d have to get used to them at some stage and sooner rather than later was my philosophy.

I was dying to give it a go but 5 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon just wasn’t a good idea.

Normally I go out first thing in the morning and am back before anyone’s up. Bearing in mind Mark give’s me no support whatsoever over anything to do with Triathlon, he got up with me this morning. He suggested I’d be better leaning the bike against the front railings which worked to a point. I gave the neighbours a great laugh. Eventually he ended up holding me like a Dad does when a kid first gives up stabilisers. Off I popped. It was heaven. Then the almighty “How the hell am I going to stop?” kicked in.

I just took it really easy around the block 3 times which was about 7 miles. Preyed when I came to roundabouts and miraculously managed to judge the lights just right. I didn’t dare change gear.

I love my new bike and I’m sure I’ll love it a lot more once I get used to it.

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