Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fat Feet

I’ve done four training sessions this week. Pretty pathetic I know but probably the most I’ve done in a long while. The long run didn’t happen. The hilly run didn’t happen. The long bike didn’t happen and the hilly bike didn’t happen.

Had big problems either with my HR or my HR monitor this week. Started off running slowly with a HR of 210. Slowed it down , if that is at all possible, and then it dropped dramatically to 85. Didn’t feel too good running at all but finished my standard 5k route twice.

And now for the bike….

I can start from standing without a wall. I can stop. I can do roundabouts, traffic lights and change gear. Impressive?

I can still only do one toe clip.

Yesterday was getting mighty frustrated so toddled off to the gym for help. It was closed. Did a “U” turn and coming towards me was this mighty impressive cyclist . Having no shame I flagged him down. It turned out to be none other than Iain from the gym who I begged for tips. He demonstrated very nicely his very own clipping and unclipping of shoes and told me “to practice, and practice, and practice.”

So, bearing in mind the bike’s parked in the hall, when I come downstairs I practice, when I go upstairs I practice, when I come in I practice, when I go out I practice and then I had this epiphany. It’s not my fault. I couldn’t get my socks on at Chirk. I can’t get my feet into toe clips. It’s all to do with my fat feet! Anyone know if liposuction is available for toes?

First open water in Manley Mere next Sunday. 10 weeks to the Deva Diva’s. 17 weeks to Llanrwst, 18 weeks to Bala – will I have mastered my pedals by then?

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