Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It's Been A While....

And where has the time gone and what have I done?

I’ve ticked over with my training.

Withdrew from the Deva Diva’s because wouldn’t have made any impact on last year’s performance. Withdrew from Llanrwst because it’s full and there are people desperate to do it so I’ve given my place to Epasce from Wrecsam Tri.

The problems with swallowing and chest pains got even worse. I was given a rapid referral for an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (a camera down my throat). Despite rational brain telling me it was nothing to worry about, overactive imagination had convinced me it was cancer of the oesophagus. My ex husband’s Dad died of this and my symptoms were remarkably similar plus researching it on this wonderful tinternet had me almost ordering my coffin. (Yup I know drama queen!)

The procedure itself wasn’t nearly as bad as expected (I did take Mrs Mash’s advice and have sedation.) They told me then and there that I had a massive hiatus hernia and a polyp in my stomach. Armed with super strength acid resistant esomeprazole and a leaflet advising losing weight, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, hot and spicy, fatty and fried food and eating late at night my symptoms are much improved.

I took the 3 kids down to Pembrokeshire last week. Pictures on Face Book http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=97208&id=552901858&l=20fbd4189f Last year I struggled with a hilly loop. Despite putting on a good stone and a half I shocked myself by running it – not easily but not having to walk. I have retained quite a lot of my fitness.

Job wise I was invited to apply for a full time and permanent job in a different department. It was a really weird interview because I knew both the girls who interviewed me but it was a formal situation. As usual I talked too much and thought I’d blown it. They let me know last week I got the job. Can carry on part time until the kids go back to school in September. I am really chuffed that I won’t be looking for a job in November when the girl I’m covering comes back from maternity leave but I will be so sad to leave the crowd I work with now (I’m moving to Accounts Receivable – in the next room!)

As with everything Lynne related topsy turvy, upside down and back to front the training starts here. I want to run “The Borders” league which starts in October. I want to do The Village Bakery Half (February). I wish Bala Middle and Standard were the other way round. I need an Oly early season and the BIG plan is a HIM before the end of next season.

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Rhian Roxburgh said...

congratulations on your job. Things sound on the up. Y'know there are other HIM out there to do - perhaps one abroad would take your fancy! Shame you are not doing Llanrwst anymore, can you marshall instead?! All the best with your training and I will be watching to see if you reach your goals next year. Take Care Lynne xx