Monday, 27 April 2009

Posted Friday 24 April - The Best Laid Plans

So the plan? Rest on Wednesday fine.

That’s when it all goes a bit pear shaped.

Thursday could hardly get out of bed. Back was so sore. Not unduly worried. Seven days training on the bounce and going long would inevitably mean a bit of a seize up when I stopped. Friday was no better so booked a massage for Saturday.

Tracey worked her magic and diagnosed inflammation of the tendons, which I suspected. She suggested rest which really wasn’t a problem.

Mark phoned me in work on Monday panicking like mad Morgan had a temperature and was sleeping. Can tell it’s his first child and I probably would have been worried too had I not had the other two and realise how quick kids bounce back. My main concern when I got in from work was not that he had a raging temperature but that he wouldn’t drink.

Mark was relegated to the back bedroom and Morgan slept with me. He woke up several times screaming obviously having horrendous nightmares. Mark took him to the Doctors on Tuesday who diagnosed a throat infection but said if he hadn’t started drinking by 7pm he would have to be admitted to hospital and put on a drip. We managed to get him to sip half of his juice.

During the night he woofed down 3 beakers of milk and was right as nine pence Wednesday morning by which time I woke up with an awful sore throat and a really chesty cough. Mark decided the cure all would be a really hot curry which seemed to do the trick except yesterday morning it decided to depart my body really quickly and I was left with “the ring of fire.”

Can it get any worse? Yup.

Whilst I was glued to the loo get’s a call off my ex hubby to say that Cait had a really bad stomach and wasn’t going to school. Typical 15 year old girl me thinks. I was seriously allergic to double French. By lunch time he’d left me voicemail that she’d been to the doctors who’d referred her to the hospital and she was waiting to have a scan. The diagnosis was fluid around her ovary. No cause and no cure.

I have no idea if I will be on that starting line on Sunday. My back is still really sore. I can deal with that (tramodol and declofenac) It’s the throat and chest that are giving me concerns. If I don’t do it I’ll forever say “I wish I’d….” If I do it and struggle I’ll wish I hadn’t. I’ve got nothing to prove. I’ve done it before. I really want to do it. It’s a sprint for goodness sake. 2 hours of hard exercise are not going to kill me. Anyway the spray tan’s booked and I’m marshalling on the main gate from noon so good luck to all and don’t forget to say “Hi.”

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