Monday, 13 April 2009

Back on Track

Posted Monday 6 April

On the training front absolute rubbish. Still got the pains in my chest – can’t get a Doctors appointment until 28th April. Took the “reflux” tablets I was given last August and they’ve completely wiped me out (anxiety, fatigue, drowsiness) Chirk could well be a DNS but… there’s the rest of the season to look forward to and I’m determined to do this 128 length swim this weekend.

Posted Friday 10 April

Just a quickie….

Decided sod it go for broke. I train with a HR monitor, there are houses about, there are people about, I’ve got my phone and I’ve got my dog tags. If I have a problem with my chest I’ll just holler for help.

Really couldn’t do anything up to Tuesday. The mind was willing but the body was weak so I gave in. (I really do know now when I can and can’t push). Wednesday was so energised. Just did the 5k to break myself in gently and was absolutely fine. Headwind didn’t help but really enjoyed.

Thursday took a couple of minutes off my hilly bike and decided to run off. Don’t know why but bricks always give me the giggles.

Late Friday afternoon got mail from my manager to say there’s a couple of Chester Half places up for grabs. So in a moment of madness I took one.

Intended to do “the Cenzo swim” today but checked with the pool last night and it’s closed today and Monday but open tomorrow and Sunday so will do tomorrow instead.

Ran the Borders today. Hills were hard but had plenty left in the tank at the end so chuffed and took a minute off. Really aching now though so I need that swim tomorrow.

Life is good. I’m focussed bring Chirk on.

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