Monday, 27 April 2009

Chirk Sprint 2009

Had an awful swim and not entirely convinced I did 16 lengths. Faffed in T1 deciding whether or not to put a top on - did in the end and was glad. Felt incredibly strong and much more confident on the bike. Ran into and out of T2 but had the problem of not feeling my feet. I probably ran about half which I was disappointed with because I can run more difficult and longer routes. Guess the bike took more out of me than I thought.

Actually remembered to set my watch so was really pleased with 2:13

Then the results
Swim 13:58 (13:46 2008)
Bike 1:15:57 (1:15:01 2008)
Run 43:21 (48:25 2008)
Overall 2:13:16 (2:17:12)

Absolutely over the moon with the run time – 5 minutes in a sprint. Sue has got to take a lot of credit for this “encouraging” me to go long and hilly.

Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon timing the bike so got to see quite a lot and a good laugh – at least 3 with their helmets the wrong way.

Back a bit sore but not suffering anywhere near as much as last year. I really would have kicked myself if I hadn't done it.

Wanted to do the Deva Divas as my next event but not sure.

Will do Llanrwst.

Going to have a rest from TriTalk for a while – thanks to all for your support and encouragement. Best of luck for the rest of the season.


Rhian Roxburgh said...

you should definitely do the Diva Devas tri - it is a great one to do, just women and the River Dee is warm!! I did it in my first year of Tri - do it you'll love it!!

Life of Lynne said...

I did it last year Rhian and it was fab - the "girl power" and support from the other girls was fantastic. The swim's in Manley Mere now - not sure I'd fancy the Dee. Thanks for tour support x