Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Well I've Never Been So Insulted In All My Life

Thanks to AndyS’ suggestion I might have a hiatus hernia and the dietary advice in the link I have been chest pain free since last weekend. I’m still going to get it checked out by the doctors but the symptoms matched mine exactly. To be pain free has not only given my energy an immense boost but increased my confidence to go longer and push harder. So yup there was a lot of love about but totally deserved.

Saturday – got to the pool at 7:30 to be greeted by my brother in law. We both did 1500m. He did it in half my time breast stroking. So I obviously asked him for some coaching.

“You’d be ok Lynne if your @rse didn’t stick up like a barrage balloon!” Amazing how quick you can go off someone? It was a very constructive session.

Sunday – repeated it half an hour earlier.

I’m so grateful to Cenzo for suggesting this. I don’t think I’ve ever swum that far and it’s certainly got me back in the pool loving my swimming. Still really carp at it but know what I need to do.

Monday – decided I’d better up the run mileage but wanted a flatter route as the Chester Half doesn’t have the hills that my longer sessions include. Once again I have no concept of terrain. Did a 3.5 mile out and back. It wasn’t hilly but was filled with undulations. Felt really good getting back into Mold and then it happened….

A car stopped for what I thought was directions. The woman wound down her window and shouted across the street

“Daahhhhhling you’d be much better power walking. My daughter’s bigger than you and the doctor’s told her not to JOG as it puts too much strain on the knees and she should power walk instead.”

I was absolutely flabbergasted.

“Thank you but this is the end of my 7 mile RUN and I intend to RUN a half marathon”

I ran off and as soon as I’d got round the corner literally cried out loud. How dare she imply that I was too fat to run? Then I got really angry. I told my Mum and her response was

“She was probably only trying to help. For goodness sake Lynne how many other 45 year old, 15 stone women do you see out running? How was she to know how far you’d run?”

Whatever her intention, she’s done me a favour. I am even more determined now to shift the weight.

Talking of weight.. I’ve put on 12lb and am now 15stone 12lb. I ditched the scales apart from the 1st of the month weigh in. Can’t blame Easter Eggs because I’m not keen on chocolate. Don’t know what to blame really? My jeans and work clothes are hanging off me. I’m definitely not as big but the scales don’t lie?

Yesterday did the Mold Sprint bike. Can’t believe how negative I felt.

“You’ll never do it Lynne, carrying all that weight.”

“This is the 7th day of hard exercise, you’re knackered, no way will you get up those hills.”

Strength and energy came from somewhere. Only had to get off once and that was to put my chain back on. Not sure what the greatest achievement was getting around or not throwing my rattle out of the pram and ringing hubby to rescue me.

Back in work today after a lovely break. Decided to make it a rest day. I haven’t got a half place after all – someone beat me to it. I’m not sorry. I managed the extra mile relatively easily on Monday but to get from 7 miles to a half in less than 5 weeks with a Sprint in the middle was asking too much me thinks.

Got an interval run schedules for tomorrow a brick for Friday a long(ish) run for Saturday and a long(ish) bike for Sunday and then should be tapering. Not sure I want to taper we’ll see.

Looks like I’ll be doing Chirk heavier than last year so no expectations, no targets, no pressure, pure pleasure (speed bumps coming back to the sports centre)

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