Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Moaning Minnie But Credit Where It's Due

So the pinged back didn’t get any better. Resigned myself to no training. The only thing that gave me real relief was walking and my second best option was a hot water bottle.

On Saturday the cold that Mark and Morgan had been suffering from, and I thought I’d cunningly avoided with massive doses of vitamin C finally attacked.

By Sunday night, with no walk, no fresh air, a streaming nose and a back that I would willingly have attacked with a meat cleaver to relieve the pain,left me feeling pretty sorry for myself.

I got the kids to school yesterday and miraculously got an emergency appointment with the GP.

My GP is absolutely fabulous. She’s supported all my training from day one and her advice has always been “If it’s not too painful keep training.”

My appointment yesterday was with the “senior” of the practice.

“How are you?” Why do they ask that? If I was ok would I really be in your surgery on a Monday morning?

I explained what had happened. Showed him where the pain was. Explained I’d had a prolapsed disk 10 years ago. Told him that I’d got no pains shooting down my leg. He asked me what my job was? Erm..unemployed book-keeper. He wrote out a prescription for Naproxen and to add insult to injury gave me a sick note for 2 week!! He never examined me, didn’t ask me to bend, told me he thought it was a disk problem that would settle in 10 days or so and then the final blow “No running - hill walking instead”

Well that obviously wasn’t what I wanted to here so popped next door to the gym to arrange an appointment with Tracey the magic fingered therapist. She was fully booked so had to wait until this morning.

Thorough examination. Full and frank discussion and then assisted on to the magic carpet of a couch. Tracey’s been looking after my legs for about 9 months and when I first went to see her I nearly had to be surgically removed from the ceiling as she unknotted my calves where they’d been overcompensating for a broken ankle. I expected agony and I wasn’t disappointed. But in my hip? She’d checked my spine and all the disks and couldn’t find much wrong however my pelvis was seriously twisted. Yup it hurt but the relief was enormous.

And Iain says I can use the cross trainer and static bike whhoopeeeee!

Despite the doom and gloom it’s been lovely to spend quality time with Mark and Morgan. OK I only worked 3 days but my days off were usually spent doing housework, shopping, taxi service for the big kids. I guess I’m still in the honeymoon stage of being unemployed but I am making the most of every second.

On the self employment front it’s a bit on the back burner as I really can’t sell myself effectively to potential new clients with what Morgan calls “a face full of snoggle.”
I know we’re heading for a recession. I know the World is in turmoil but I feel more in control than I have in a long time.

I also have a cunning plan for my weight loss which I will reveal next week when I have results.

What I’ve also failed to mention is when I went to pick up the fish and pinged my back I had a discussion about planned races. Rob is not renowned for his tact but he is a realist and I honestly respect both his honesty and opinions.

“Lynne you will never take 15 minutes off in 6 weeks. If you don’t mind coming in 10-15 minutes after the last runner that’s fine but this is not a fun run it’s a club event with good club runners.”

Has he put me off?

Has he hell. The only person I’m competing against is me.

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