Sunday, 2 November 2008

Posted O Tri Talk 14 October

Hip Hip Hooorahhhh -I've Found My Mojo
Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:45 pm LynneE

Read a thread “Lost…. Please help.” Rang very true my mojo had totally deserted me. I felt totally yuck. I was consuming far too much red wine and takeaways and then there was this strange string of events…. I get a text off Sue inviting me to run with her before she runs with the girls. I’d woken up that morning with a really upset stomach which left me feeling totally wiped out so I declined but suggested that next week would be a good idea. I had a whole 7 days to find my mojo. It’s not difficult. I catch up on Blogs and realise the TT Blog is nothing like the AOL Blog and I should have come here a long time ago. I read Cleo’s Norseman, I read MrsSlacko’s Ballbuster preparation and Wiganer’s jolly with Mrs Wiganer in the Great North Run. All totally inspiring stuff. I get up Friday morning with the come hell or high water you will run 5K attitude and, no cold, no dark, no rain manage it comfortably. Because of the no dark though and having to get the kids to school I couldn’t go longer. Didn’t want to do too much too soon (for heaven’s sake Lynne you’ve been doing this for nearly a year!) Saturday - a steady 3k Sunday – 15miles bike Monday – a steady 3k Wednesday – run with Sue I saw my wonderful sister-in-law at my parents-in-law at the beginning of the month. She was complaining about the amount of weight she’s put on and how little exercise she was doing. My wonderful friend Lesley decided that 5th October was D Day (Diet Day) for her. She will be a bridesmaid in exactly 18 months. So us 3 “witches” decided to start our very own online slimming club with weigh ins on a Monday. My very own motivation is this; I have 28 weeks until Chirk next year. In the grand scheme of things it’s forever. Broken down it means I have to lose 2 ½ stone in the next 10 weeks then 2lb a week until Chirk to shift this 5 stone once and for all. I feel like I’ve got a 50cc moped engine trying to power a 50 tonne truck. I either increase the engine size or decrease the size of the truck. In an ideal world I would build up to a 1000cc engine and have a mini body but imagine my performance if I could achieve a 1200cc engine with a mini body. That’s where I want to be. I wanted to do a triathlon. Ok I’ve done 3 and I’m so glad I have but it’s not enough. I need to get under 1:30 for Sprints next year. I need to do at least one Oly next year and I really need to do Bala Middle in 2010. I’ve spent hours with spreadsheets and training plans and perhaps if I’d spent more time exercising than writing about it I might be further forward but that’s gone it’s forward I’ve got to think. Last year, my first baptism of fire with Wrecsam Tri Club, I marshalled at the Borders’ League. I was totally intimidated and almost gave up the idea of Triathlon completely. The rest they say is history and I vowed I would compete this year. Well it’s 9 weeks away which is far enough away to get myself fit enough to compete but near enough that if I don’t follow the plan and lose the weight as planned I will be unable to and will have FAILED. It’s very inspiring reading inspiring blogs but I can’t piggyback off everyone else’s successes. I really must succeed in my own right.

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