Sunday, 2 November 2008

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Procrastination Is The Thief of Time
Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:47 pm LynneE

I've kept pretty detailed training plans. Which I split into preparation for each event. I've even kept the plans and the actuals as a comparrison. Last week I decided to put all the actuals together and study. There was one word that haunted me. REST. It appeared for too many times. I was absolutely horrified to see the last time I'd run 5K was 14 July. A week before the Diva's. I'd had some pretty confident 3k's improving times not intentionally but still no distance. I have the best 5k route ever. It's slightly uphill to start, then there's a bigger hill and then it's slowly downhill all the way home. The best bit about it though is it's got 4 "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards, or to anyone else if I struggle I've got 4 shortcuts home. So there is no reason whatsoever for me not to attempt it? Psychological. I couldn't fail. I've put on half a stone. Makes running so much harder. Not done it for so long. Makes running so much harder. Just get out there girl and bloody well do it. You've done it before. You should be well over 10k by now never mind struggling at 5. So I did. I took it easy and I took 2mins off my PB. Well that's it then if you can run you can bloody well bike too. So I did. Undulating 15miles. The longest training ride I've ever done. Legs were fine, bum was a bit tender but what the hell? Another couple of 5k's this week the fatigue's gone . Can't wait for the weekend to go long again. Hope the forecast's wrong. Don't mind the rain. Don't like the wind.

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