Sunday, 2 November 2008

Posted On Tri Talk 30 October

Just When The Plan Comes Together...
Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:30 pm LynneE

Intended to go on the bike on Saturday and did actually get it out but it was much too windy so decided to run instead. The running plan for the week was an hour and an attempt to run/walk the Border’s course. Despite the wind felt really good and without walking managed the two big hills. Did it as an out and back and got back in 59:33 so was really chuffed. The wind had died down considerably on Sunday so managed the scheduled ride. Everything going swimmingly until.. One of the guys from Wrecsam Tri is emigrating to Australia in January and in preparation wanted to get rid of his fish. Cait absolutely loves fish. She wants to do her work experience in the local aquatic shop. The school is horrified as they sent her to Oxford last week to suss out potential Universities. Off we popped on Tuesday to get the fish and all I did was open the boot of the car and lean over when ping went something in the bottom of my back. I am so annoyed. I could cope with a training injury. I could understand if I’d lifted something too heavy but just to lean over. To make matters worse we woke up this morning to snow. I mean what’s all that about? It’s still October. Morgan found it absolutely magical. He couldn’t understand that it was in the front and the back. I did manage a walk today. We bought Morgan a sledge. Guaranteed now there’ll be no more snow all winter. And on the work front things are looking good. The deadline for paper self assessments is tomorrow so I’ve managed to get a few done this week. Not major earners but repeat custom hopefully. I’ve also managed to write a couple of papers and pull together some marketing material. It’s also been really nice to be off with the kids for half term and hopefully we’re off to See Thomas The Tank Engine in Llangollen tomorrow so who can ask for more?

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