Sunday, 16 December 2012

Decisions Decisions

The feedback off the nutritionist this week wasn’t good. I’ve lost 1 stone 10lbs since 17 September and lost 4lb last week. She wasn’t happy as she said it’s too much too quickly. You pay somebody to do a job so you have to take on board their advice.

I had coffee with Sue on Wednesday. Whilst we keep in touch regularly we don’t see each other very often and it was a lovely treat. We discussed where I’m at for the Outlaw and she actually verbalised “You have not got to do an Iron Distance event before you’re 50. Why not lose the weight and get a solid base in 2013 and do an Iron Distance when you’re 50?”

I discussed the options with my coach

1. Commit to The Outlaw no matter what.
2. Carry on until 5 January and then make a decision.
3. Withdraw now – continue to train and enter Bala Middle in June and other races during the season to gain experience and then commit to an Iron Distance in 2014 without the added disadvantage of losing weight and gaining a solid base.
4. Withdraw now, continue to train and come March make a decision what to race.
5. Give up.

Crazy as it sounds I have given due consideration to all the options and as a last resort even… discussed it with my husband.

I had a one to one swimming lesson on Friday and had a good old chat with my swim coach. The lesson was brilliant. I am using a pull buoy all the time. I’ve pretty much mastered breathing and am no longer lifting my head skyward. Fingers are glued together. I’m now aware of the reach and catch so all that remains to be fixed is my trailing left arm.

So back to the decision.

I’ve withdrawn from the Outlaw and committed to enter Bala Middle. It’s the option that gives me the chance of most success. In the words of my coach “When you pick your fights, make sure you pick the ones you’ve got the best chance of winning.”

I’m not giving up on my dream, just postponing it.

On the job front I have an interview in Chester Zoo on Thursday. It may not be my dream job. It certainly isn’t my dream salary but it is in my dream location.

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