Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What Can be Achieved in 23 Weeks?

"Think you can't do 100 pushups...or complete a hard workout...or lose weight...or build muscle? Anything can be accomplished if you take it one day, one workout, one rep at a time without quitting! Make new goals and find a way to accomplish them...no matter what...one rep at a time!" ~Marsha

So we’re almost half way through 2013 and I have done precisely nothing. Well actually that’s a tiny exaggeration but I’ve done nothing worth talking about.

My “A” race was to be Bala Middle. Fantastic event. Glorious weather. Left home at 6am. Helped in registration (no body marking boo hoo!). Counted the swim out. Marshaled all day on the run. Factor 30 sunscreen liberally applied every hour. Burned to a crisp. One competitor suggested we cook burgers on my chest rather than the BBQ. This is my favourite event. Sunday was my favourite ever running of the event. We were thanked by nearly every competitor which made it even more special.

I’m 50 in November and the “Bucket List” was to be an Ironman by then. That won’t happen but with 23 weeks to go there’s a lot that can be achieved. Llanrwst and Bala Standard in September? With a hell of a lot of work possibly Chester Marathon in October? This was a definite up to a couple of weeks ago when I fell marshalling The Big Welsh Trail 10K and half, I twisted my left ankle and right knee. I digress…

Not only have I lost my fitness, I’ve lost my ability to write.

Start again. High expectations. Go hell for leather. Watch the wheels come off the wagon. Do nothing. Beat myself up for doing nothing. Start again. High expectations….

I’m going to run, cycle and swim as much as I can, build a solid base and when I’m 50 I will be an Ironman.

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Richard Harris said...

Never forget the power of the mind, you can be whatever you set out to be