Friday, 2 November 2012

Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse

Just when you think it can’t get any worse….

Work has been pretty stressful of late and the throwing up continued with a hefty slice of diarrhoea to boot. Everything came to a head last Thursday. I had an appointment with the nurse before work for my monthly blood pressure check. I’d been extremely ill before I went and when she checked my blood pressure it was “What the hell is going on here?” She wanted to increase my medication (again) but needed to speak to the Doctor.

She rang me at lunch time (I’d gone into work because I was on an 8 hour deadline to pay 90 staff). She explained that the Doctor had agreed to up my meds but when I told her I was still throwing up, despite not having anything to eat or drink she arranged for an emergency appointment to see the GP that afternoon.

He wanted to sign me off work for a month. We had a little chat and he agreed that if I’d take mild anti-depressants for 2 weeks and have blood tests the next day he’d sign me off for 2 weeks and we'd play it by ear. He actively encouraged me to continue with training.

I felt amazing the day after. Not sure if it was the happy pills or the thought of no work stress for 2 weeks. Training’s going really well in spite of doing a Bridget Jones off the treadmill on Wednesday. The only thing hurt was my pride but I do have some impressive bruises.

The results of my blood tests are back. Gamma GT levels in a woman should be between 12 and 55. Mine were 60 three months ago but they weren’t unduly concerned. They’ve come back this time at 243. I need a liver scan. The NHS waiting list is 10 weeks. I have private medical insurance through work but they might not be able to cover it because it might have been a “pre existing” condition. I totally despair of insurance companies!

I’ve signed up to Richard Harris's #turbovember challenge. I forgot about it yesterday. There was virtual carnage as I was cooking the tea and setting up the Turbo (in the kitchen). I’ve decided best get it done in the mornings in future.

Going back to my saddle soreness. My PT happened to ask if I was wearing decent cycling shorts. When I told him blokes from Aldi I cannot repeat his reply. I've struggled to find lady specific, big enough but the power that is the Intanet yielded dividends today. We’ll see. I was also talked out of a lovely ladies, pink Garmin 110 and got the email today that a 310XT is dispatched and on its way. Exciting times…

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