Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Biggest Problem Will Be

“My biggest problem will be… don’t get ill.” Quite a prophetic quote from the last Blog.

Not only have I been fighting a cold all week but have had tummy issues. Lost count of the number of times I’ve thrown up and, this theoretically is a good thing, but had real problems eating. I know what my body will do. I know when I’ve got a CBA head on. I knew whatever I’d have attempted this week would have been crap which would have sent me on the slippery slope to total demotivation so I’ve done absolutely nothing. I was all set to go to the Tri swim session Friday night but got a message to say it had been cancelled “code brown.”

Today was the Flintshire 10K and Fun Run. We’d decided a while ago that Morgan would do the Fun Run and I’d jog along to accompany him. In the week he’d asked if he could do it on his own “because I run faster than you Mummy” and then changed his mind.
I guess that staying up until stupid o’clock to watch Kona wasn’t the best preparation. I did fall asleep in the chair but was grateful for a knock on the door (they’d got the wrong house) which woke me up just in time to hear “Matthew Malloy – Great Britain.”
Glorious morning. Morgan caught up with about 40 other pupils from his school and they all did a warm up. The local paper photographer collared me and my friend Ann, we’ll see! We made our way to the start. My heart began to race and I felt sick. Had to have a little talk to my self. It’s a fun run. You don’t get a time. The majority of competitors are kids. I just started humming “Happy Birthday to you.” Works every time.

And we were off. Morgan raced ahead and waited for me pretty much all the way home. About a hundred yards from the finish is a little shop. I nearly strangled him when he said “can we go in and get a drink?”

I’d “run” without a HRM and stopwatch but did activate Map My Run at the start. I forgot to turn it off at the finish. I’m absolutely delighted with 14:53 min/mile. (yes I know it’s rap but for me it’s less crap than usual!)
We collected our medals and I took Morgan home and walked back to support the 10K. The route actually goes past the end of our road so I was able to spectate and cheer from 3 different vantage points. Only 3 Wrecsam Tri guys this year, the lovely Lisa Morely, a work colleague and her husband, another work colleague’s daughter and 3 people from the gym. At the end Ceri from the gym came up to me and said “Next year Lynne, you are doing it.” I can’t wait a year. Helena Tipping 10K (Wrexham) entered 2 December. 7 weeks piece of cake.

I’m writing this week off and doing what I should have done this week next week. The worst thing about this week is I haven’t lost a single ounce.

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