Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Outlaw 2013

Posted on TriTalk 18 September.

My life is on hold for the next 9 months.

Ironman Wales was the goal. A whole year to train for it. Home turf, Welsh turf. Inspired by several clubmates completing it yesterday and then with a delay on the tracker worried that a couple wouldn't make the cut off, knowing how fit they were and how hard they'd trained and knowing a year wouldn't make me as good as them.

So...I asked a question of a very good mate of mine who happens to be be male, "If you were female, very overweight, unfit and almost 49, which IM distance triathlon would you do?"

The answer was the Outlaw but there were 1095 entries with a maximum of 1100. Huge dilemma.

So I did what any (ir)rational desperate to be an Ironman before her 50th Birthday would do. I entered.

So that's me. Dedicating the next 9 months of my life to being an Outlaw.

Transition Ted's wife says he'll do me a plan. He might after kicking my @rse all the way to Nottingham for entering.

Sue will hold my hand every step of the way and make sure I achieve this .

Please, please, please folks kick my @rse - that's the only way I',m going to achieve it and I need it so bad

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