Monday, 9 June 2008

The wonderful Sue mailed me last week to say that she’d had a little jaunt to Bala the previous weekend. I told her I was jealous, then changed my mind to envious. She’d jumped in the car, had a swim in the lake, then coffee and done the standard bike. The sheer luxury of being able just to train without the responsibility of getting back to take kids to school or rescue Mark from Morgan.

Yesterday was my first time at Bala to view a Triathlon.

It’s 45 minutes from home so consequently it’s a place I’ve visited on numerous occasions. The journey is very picturesque over the moors and fast winding roads. Radio on full blast – you get the picture?

Yesterday the weather was glorious, which makes everything look better, but I can quite honestly say I have never seen the lake look more beautiful. I’d “volunteered” to marshal but because I’d worked all last week, and Mark had looked after Morgan all week I needed to give him a break so could only manage a couple of hours. I was allocated timing the swim. Then delegated to counting the swimmers back in. I stood at the side of the inflatable swim finish and the hairs on the back of my neck well and truly stood up and I had to swallow hard. The sight of 3 waves of swimmers out in such an idyllic setting was quite moving (how dare you say sad cow?). That picture doesn’t actually do it justice.

I was amazed at how quickly they got back and then the “fun” started.

It’s not difficult to count swimmers back in but it does take quite a bit of concentration and…. it would have been a good idea to use the finish line as the counting point as there was quite a bit of overtaking on the pontoon. Never mind in the end I balanced. (pretty good considering I never could in my 17 years of banking!)

Just had time for a quick catch up with Paula and Alexia (The Wrecsam Tri girls who were timing the run) before heading off home. I didn’t recognise Paula in her civvies.

Looking at Tri Talk today the general consensus is that it was a fantastic, well run race and this years bike course, with enforced changes because of subsidence is better than the original. Fantastic times in overwhelming heat but.. the greatest of respect to Elizabeth Hamer-Davies finished in 8hous 20minutes 20seconds – fabulous achievement to finish. Must be one hell of a determined lady and quite an inspiration.


Back to me and my training, or more to the point lack of it.

Well I haven’t trained – according to plan. I’m still really tired. I’ve put on 2lbs despite giving up alcohol and takeaways and my ankle, which I broke 3 years ago has swelled up like a balloon. I don’t want to risk further damage until I’ve had it checked by the doctor so I’ll be just cycling for a day or two. Self diagnosis is training has improved my circulation and stopped the swelling.

And then.. There’s a Chester Tri training tri at Manley on Wednesday night and I’ve managed to grovel myself a place. Hopefully I’ll do the swim and the bike and the run is a kind of half way round the Mere and back twice so I’ll see how I feel.

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